New PSU Trailer. Lots of new footage

I was as excited as any fan could possibly be since its announcement back at E3 2004, but now I’m even more ecstatic. I was right when I said that this was going to be a big budget game. This video is straight from the official PSU website which got a huge update, but like the last video they had, you have issues trying to play it half the time, so I archived it.

Click here for the video.

Nice, I haven’t downloaded it but the rest updates on the site show enough new things to be excited about :slight_smile:

[size=200]***SPACE BATTLES!


I’m sold! :anjou_happy:

I’m in complete concurrence with Parn - this trailer is very impressive and suggests that the final product will be very polished and professional (even if the characters’ ears do look bizarre :anjou_embarassed: ). It was a little peculiar to hear character voice-overs in a trailer, but that’s hardly a criticism. This trailer is certainly helping the hype for Phantasy Star Universe no end!

SWEET!! This games is turning out awesome from the footage.

On top of the Single player, it will have an online component as well right?
But how will this be different from the current PSO games?

Offline mode is a fully fledged 40 hour narrative-heavy action RPG with voice acting, cutscenes, towns to explore and monsters to kill. This is where the similarity to PSO is broken, since you do not create your own character this time around, you control Ethan Weber.

Online mode is where the similarity to PSO is at in a few aspects. You create your own character and pretty much play with friends. All data is saved server side this time around, however. The online mode apparently is designed to supplement the offline mode, story-wise.

Well let’s just say it’s more like traditional Phantasy Stars with the online bit as a tack-on.

And ooh, very nice trailer, now to hope that those cool voices remain in western versions and that they won’t get american voice overs. XD

I wouldn’t call the online bit a “tack on” considering it’s going to be a fully fledged online game and have a monthly fee and all… It’s basically PSO 2. No more “episodes” with more or less the same gameplay, finally a new advancement for the series with truly enhanced and upgraded gameplay as well as a whole new world…

I wouldn’t call the single player “traditional phantasy star” seeing as it’s an action RPG…

Anyway, I hope the PC version gets an english release :slight_smile:

Edit: After finally viewing the trailer I must say it seems even better than I was hoping it is from the screenshots. Though after Robert’s comment I was hoping for some Skies of Arcadia style ship to ship action and that ended up being just FMVs :P. Either way, great stuff.
Did it remind Shenmue to anyone else, the way the characters move and talk and everything?
And, yeah, while the japanese voices don’t seem to be of great acting quality either, they are probably better than a possible American effort and add to the foreign world atmosphere similar to Shenmue 2 on DC (atleast for me and others who can’t understand japanese so do not notice the bad acting as much).

Again, crossing fingers for an english language PC release… What with having PSU and the upcoming “Like a Dragon” (or whatever it ends up being called in english) and on top of that older must have titles like Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution among others, I’d really want to get a PS2…

Or maybe I’ll play all these in about 3 years after getting a PS3 or something :stuck_out_tongue:
(I’m not saying I want one right now, just including a bunch of mental “ifs” in this statement - ie if it will have many games I want, if it will have better third party support, if the other consoles don’t have better or more enticing alternatives, etc…)

I couldn’t download the trailer on any of the mirrors.

You can always stream it from the official website if your connection is fast (it always craps out for my crappy dial up even if I chose the low band option).
It’s the TGS video, the other one is the old E3 vid.

Thanks Al3x.I saw the trailer but I really wasn’t impressed.The flavour is PSOish and could well mean I will never end up playing PSU.

Sad really, imo, from the info we know it fixes everything that was wrong with PSO. The battles should be much more fun with a faster pace, larger combos and a strafing ability which should allow for zelda-ish encounters, the dual wielding is more advanced, there’s mounts to ride, the AI seems better, the offline mode is finally a fully fledged adventure on its own… I didn’t like PSO myself but I’m really excited about this one (not just because of the trailer but because ofall the info we know, posted in the PSU thread on here, from interviews and previews and such).

I didn’t see any of that in the trailer tho :stuck_out_tongue:
Which reminds me : isn’t the Phantasy Star saga suposed to be in a fantasy/tolkien-ish world?

Why, in which game’s trailer do you see all that it has to offer? And it atleast shows that it’s cut scene heavy showing it’s more story focused than PSO by far… So you do atleast see that it has a more proper single player game. And it shows one of the vehicles too, the hoverboard. And some great environments and character animations, and monsters and huge bosses and some of the special attacks and awesome FMVs.
Either way, you thought SF fans should give Shining Force Neo a try… Even by this small trailer, without showing all of the elements it has (as if it could), it still looks like it has much higher production values than SFNeo for sure…

What do you mean fantasy/tolkienish? It’s kinda like final fantasy in style to me, ie it blends fantasy with high tech stuff. There are various races and what not. I suppose one of them looks a bit like elves what with their huge ears… But I don’t think it really looks like tolkien’s stuff much since the sci fi element is present everywhere, even in the lightsaber-ish melee weapons. And of course the art style is far from the western stuff too.

Just explore the website and it shows the races and other stuff…

I was pointing out that none of the elements you eagerly pointed out were shown in the trailer.As for the art style it was a question.

I haven’t played any of the Phantsay Star games myself but I have a false memory saying it was set in a medieval fantasy setting.I know PSO is futuristic but i mean the original PS’s.

Nah the original games had sci fi-ish elements too.