NEW! Phantom Dust footage

Looks awesome, isn’t the director of Panzer Dragoon working on this?

From what I hear, it’s staying in Japan, Too bad.

Is it avalable in anything aside from Xvid?

What is the point of this article if this game isn’t coming to the West?

And now that we know it did come to the West : was it released in Europe?

From what I gathered it wasn’t.I wanna play this game bad,isn’t there a way to play a US copy of this game on my PAL XBox?

Aren’t there CD loaders for the XBox?

The U.S. version isn’t released yet, I don’t think any CD Loader type apps are coming out for the Xbox anytime soon, import demand isn’t high enough I suppose.

Am I correct in thinking this game has been released in Japan for some time now? If so, what did the Japanese game reviewers say about this game when it was released?

I don’t really now.

IGN Reviewed an import copy:

8.5 is not bad at all.

Yeah.So there’s no chance I can play this game in my PAL XBox? :anjou_sad:
I’m sure I heard somewhere there was a cd loader for the Xbox.Is there no other way?