New PDS Website

Hi, its Jeremy Prusak and Justin Pasternak we have just finished creating our own Panzer Dragoon Saga Website. I hope you all like it, you can download music, movies, read all of the books from the game, read some of our theories which can also be found here at will of the ancients. So go check it out at

Wow, Super cool!

are you serious? well not everyone can be a webdesigner… evil grin

Very nice work, guys :slight_smile:

I like the way you’ve used artwork from the games to illustrate the books and music from the game, it makes it much more interesting than just showing text.

What was the intro of by the way? I have limited bandwidth so I don’t want to download it if it’s something I’ve already seen before.

Overall, it’s great site, and another Panzer site can’t be a bad thing.

Nice :smiley:

A tip : get rid of the frames!

Looks nice. :slight_smile:

LOL, evil LC

Well, the site looked pretty nice but it’s too bandwidth heavy so I didn’t explore it all, I’m on dial up and get bored fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, great stuff guys; it’s nice to see more good PD content on the web, especially a whole new fansite. I haven’t finished looking through it all yet myself (as it is a bit unkind to 56k), but what I’ve seen is promising - definitely keep up the good work.

Awesome site… TWOTA needs an intro of that calibur :slight_smile:

i can do a bit of flash animation…

here’s the first two i ever did… they’re really bad, but i can’t upload any of my more recent ones because i started really putting effort into them and they ended up being several megs whereas these are both like 280k:

right click and save as - my first ever! don’t kill me - a little better…

if i did a PD related one could it be hosted here? :slight_smile:

I’m willing to be it will stay online longer than Die welt did >D

probably, but most likely they don’t have to pay a premium business account like I had to. and probably they’ll have less than 50GB traffic per month, too…

Or maybe not…

Excellant site, except some broken links in the music section.