New Parallels section on TWotA :anjou_happy:

What do you guys think?

Interesting :slight_smile:
I’ll find sometime to read it all.

Very impressive! The articles are detailed and well-argued, and having never been blessed with an opportunity to read Nausicaa or Moebius’s comics, they’re also a valuable education, too! I bless this new section with my ringing and positive endorsement. :anjou_happy:

My only complaint - it’s more of a small nitpick than anything - would be in Geoffrey Duke’s article, where I think he concentrates slightly too much on Recumen. Perhaps when discussing how the Gigas turned on Valua (which isn’t strictly true - unlike the Towers and pure-types, the Gigas were not independent. When they battled the Valuans they were under the dominion of another’s control, i.e. the King of Horteka and Yafutoma’s Vizier), you could include pictures of Grendel stoving in the prow of one of Alfonso’s squadron and Bluheim scattering the Third and Fourth Fleets with his titanic winds, for completion’s sake?

I agree with the above post. Yeligar even looks vaguely Panzeresque, Galcian is a bit like Craymen only he’s slipped more towards evil, and Ramirez is a bit like some kind of crazed-on-revenge Azel figure.

Your wish is my command. I actually didn’t want to disclose too much of the story, but then, I suppose I was a little too keen to focus on the confrontation with Recumen for various reasons.

I did write: “Only the one possessing the correct moon crystal could bend a Gigas to their will, which was an unfortunate fact of life that quickly translated into a problem for the Valuans”, so I wasn’t overlooking the fact that the Gigas didn’t turn on the Valuans of their own volition.

The real point I was trying to make that was the Valuan empire attempted to harness ancient weapons more powerful than they could even begin to imagine, which naturally led to disastrous consequences. If that isn’t something the Valuans have in common with the Empire we all know and love from Panzer Dragoon, then I don’t know what is.

Galcian wanted to recreate the world in his own image, whereas Craymen wanted the Towers to save human beings from themselves. Their goals were only remotely similar.

And let’s not even discuss the Silver civilization…

that Nausica? of the Valley of Wind sounds interesting, I never heard of it before. but after reading that I really want to see it. :o

yeah watch the movie first but read the manga, too. the movie si only a very short draft of te manga’s story, and pretty different in some aspects, too.

Is either the movie or manga released in the west translated? If so does anyone know where I could get a hold of them?

I picked up the seven-volume English version of the manga from Amazon, as the latest edition was printed only last year; you should be able to find it there (or from similar book-sellers online) without much trouble.

I actually thought about getting it sometime ago but didn’t because I was broke.Is it worth the money?

is Panzer worth the money???

Which one ? :slight_smile:

Admiring aesthetics is okay but is the story compelling?

You could always buy the first volume or two to start off with, and see if it catches your interest; the volumes themselves aren’t so expensive, and the whole thing does only add up to about the price of a new videogame.

If you found the Panzer story compelling, I’d say you’d probably find Nausicaa compelling.

Is this the one I should be looking for? theres a bunch of different ones listed on Amazon, but this looks like the most complete one…but $99? thats alot. o.x

I think that’s the box set of the previous edition, which looks quite a bit more expensive than the current single volumes. Strangely enough though, doesn’t seem to have typed up the numbers of the various volumes, which is why it looks like there’s tons of copies of the same book there; I would have bought mine from, who’d labelled (most of) them fully, or at least provided images. That’s surprisingly sloppy of

Well crap, I didnt even realise there was an good thing I dont buy online alot or I would lost alot of money by now with shipping costs. o.x

so are these the books in order?
book 1
book 2
book 3
book 4
book 5
book 6
book 7

I’m a bit curious about the quality of the art though. I get very picky about artwork in anime/manga. Pity amazon dont show previews of inside pages.

Unfortunatly I dont see the movie listed on I’m assuming it never got a release here. Which means I wouldnt even be able to play it if I bought a copy from the US. :confused:

I have a friend who has the Azel novel and is fluent in Japanese. She says the novel has an even more coherent story than the game does. It makes me wish that the novel was translated, as well…damnit.

Oh, are you in the UK yourself? If so yes, it’d be much easier to order from the local branch. :anjou_happy:

Yep, they’re in order and they appear to be the pages I ordered from myself; some of those product images show the older editions of those books, but that’s just because Amazon hasn’t updated the images yet.

I wouldn’t be very qualified to talk about the quality of the art myself, as I don’t really read much manga or watch much anime; I’d scan in a couple of double-page spreads for people to look at, but unfortunately my scanner’s power cable is knackered at the moment…

hmm, well I’m not sure if I will get them or not. I’d like to see the movie first, but I dont have a multi-region dvd player to play a US copy.

If you have a DVD Reader or Recorder on your computer, simply put a no region flash on it and watch it from there. There are also alot of software DVD players that ignore the region codes.