New Panzer Dragoon Series Fan Art (5/15/16)

So I went around and asked some artist online if it would be ok to for me to post their fanart of Panzer Dragoon on the Panzer Dragoon Legacy website and share it with the community and so far 2 artist have replied back to me giving me their permission to show their artwork on the main website. The first artist is Ocarian from Deviant-Art and you can few his subfolder containing his Panzer Dragoon art here. The second artist is TOY-T from Pixiv and you can viwe his gallary here. I’ll try to post an official announcement about this today. Additionally I also have some new/ better quality pictures of official Panzer Dragoon series material to share, so keep an eye out for that announcement on the forms soon.

Cool, thanks. Besides updating the contributors, I think it would be worth linking some related encyclopaedia entries to these images (where appropriate, e.g. link the pictures of Azel to the Azel encyclopaedia entry). Once that’s done, this content should be ready to publish.

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I have updated all the contributions, as well as added encyclopedia entries the pictures. I have everything down now and ready to post. I’m not to familiar with the encyclopaedia entries so their might be some things you might like to add, sorry.

Published. That is some great art!

Regarding the encyclopaedia entries, I generally just relate the picture to the encyclopaedia entry for the character and/or dragon form featured in the picture. If we linked to the game entry (e.g. Panzer Dragoon Saga) in each picture then the “Related Pictures” section at the bottom of the game entry would become too crowded.

Ok I see. Thanks.

Yeah, it was actually a problem with the dragon encyclopaedia entry. I previously linked all of the pictures of the dragon to that entry and the server couldn’t handle loading the page! So I try to keep the relations quite specific now to avoid that problem.

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