New Panzer Dragoon opp's

what does everyone think the new panzer dragoon will have in pandoras box.

i think it would be neat if zewi and azel where throwen in.

That really depends on the type of game it will be.I don’t think Zwei or Saga will ever make an appearence tho…

what about it being first person

I thought it was a rumor, what’s uddenly making people so sure of a sequel.

its possible

It’s not just possible - it’s probable. :slight_smile:

And a PD FPS would feel awkward…

who sayed it will always be a FPS

No one did.I was just replying to your post

i dont think you saw my point i ment that at some point in the game you would hope off your dragon and wander around in first person with what ever item you had in hand at that moment.


You meant Halo I know :slight_smile: I love Halo too and that would please me to some extent but it’s too high a risk.Plus I love 3rd person view.

There’s first person RPGs as well Gehn, that view doesn’t instantly mean it’s going to be a shooter… Look at Morrowind and Arx Fatalis for example… Or even Gothic (If I’m not mistaken it lets you walk around in first person view but shifts to third person in battle) or the old Ultima Underworld games and others too… The view isn’t what makes the game, the view is what enhances the game and if done right the FPV can actually make it more immersive to the player… (While the 3rd person view can make it more cinematic)

A great example that highlights the potential difference/uses of 3rd person vs. 1st person is Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. When playing multiplayer mode, the spies are in 3rd person, and the mercs are in 1st. The way the views are used is utterly fantastic.

Yes I know.But I just prefer 3rd person view.It mkae sme feel closer to the character in a non literal way.

Well actually I don’t think the first person view is implemented well at all in that game… It just feels wrong to me. Plus the whole game mode isn’t very original since an Unreal Tournament Modification called Thievery had a very similar game mode pitting Guards vs Thieves in a medieval theme. You had to use gadgets like water arrows to put out torches and create shadows for you to sneak in, lockpicks to unlock chests/doors (or find the keys for them), rope arrows to reach high places and other neat things with the aim being for the Thieves to sneak around and loot certain valuables while the Guards had to find them and stop them using other gadgets, mainly flares that revealed concealed in the shadows thieves… And then ofcourse kill them using their superior strength and swords… So yeah basically it’s the same thing as Splinter Cell multiplayer (Thieves could knock out Guards with one hit from behind as well) except instead of high tech gadgets and view modes you get low tech gadgets like different kinds of arrows, mines and what not… It does end up in a quite different experience in the end but the general Idea is the same, use gadgets to gain the advantage in order to succesfully sneak around and reach your objective…
Anyway it was a very intense mod though not very polished, they are making an UT2k4 version of the mod as well though and it’s looking great. Albeit, minus the water arrows cos by default the UT2k3/2k4 engine does NOT support realtime lightmaps so they couldn’t make good looking map light sources that are able to be put out by the players… Sorry for the long post, I’m just a little pissed off @ how a lot of ppl claim SC:PT was so innovative in what it did when it’s not really a new idea at all…

Anyway back to the topic, one game that I feel got the first person view VERY good is Rainbow Six 3:Raven Shield… It just feels so natural the way the view bobs differently depending on what you are doing like walking, running, crouching, going up/down stairs etc… very good effort :slight_smile:
And from what I’ve read Thief 3 is doing something similar except with the addition of “body awareness”, you can look down and see your body and so have to be more careful not to get any part of you out in the light (when leaning round a corner for example) or you’ll get spotted… and such… It sounds very good though I haven’t played the game so don’t know how well it’s implemented… Will know soon enough I suppose :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of that mod… Sounds awesome. Looks like someone at Ubisoft at least knew a good idea when they saw one :slight_smile:

But, what I meant about the use of 3rd person vs 1st person was how it changed the gameplay experience depending on which view you were in.

1st person view immerses the player into the experience, but limits the player’s view of the area. This makes it easier for spies to actually sneak up on them… and since they’re further immersed into the character, it intensifies the situation.

The spies play in 3rd person, which gives them a better view of their surroundings, since the spy needs to be able to use the environment to escape, etc.

Makes a perfect balance of gameplay.

Kay, I agree with that, I just don’t like the way the gameplay feels actually, it feels all wrong to play as a guard for me, even the weapons feel is all wrong…imo

Here’s the site of the UT2k4 version of that mod, they have a nice 5+ months old trailer on it:
And here is their main site, you can go to the original UT’s version of the mod site from there:
(And BTW Alien Swam is looking like it will be loads of fun too and is going to be released very soon)