New Panzer Dragoon Legacy website design

In case you missed it yesterday…

Please post any feedback regarding the new website in this topic.

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Overall the design is good. I would say what we discussed earlier, about the PD Fansites having their own link on the front page.

Further feedback collected from Discord:

@Draikin wrote (13/06/2022):

First impressions: definitely looks more modern now, nice work! The website could scale wider when the space is available, it looks a bit empty on a 2K monitor. For smaller screens, I’d suggest collapsing the menu using a “hamburger” menu.

@UrbanReflex wrote (regarding a collapsable main menu on mobile):

Ah yes, that’s a good idea. Any maybe centralise the text?

RedWyvern wrote (28/06/2022):

The new menu dropdowns are a massive improvement and it works nicely on my phone. It looks modern, spacious and flat… Which I am personally not a fan of. When zooming out to 80% on my desktop or requesting the desktop site on mobile it is nice to browse through, functionally a lot better than the old site. The old cards on the main page look a bit broken (the images are not suitable for the 1:1 crop), the new ones excessively large. The rounded corners and padding looks overdone to me, along with it needing some slight detail (outlines?, gradients?) to break up the flat coloured blocks in my opinion. Not perfect (yet) but when looking past the things I have an unreasonable distaste for it’s well done. It does feel like a lot of links are missing though, this is intentional?

LucensLuxFatalis wrote:

Just a two cents thing but I’ve always found the “More” section to be really clunky on Legacy. I don’t know if it’s already been discussed but I think all that content would be better placed on the wiki.

Oh I forgot you guys redid the site. My point being that kind of content is a little cumbersome to navigate. Seeing as I got the same feeling from the old design with the new design without remembering the site was different lol.

Bill S wrote:

hm, maybe have a second hover submenu with each entry?

I’ve updated the forum logo and colours to match the new redesign. :anjou_love: