New Panzer Dragoon Game Poll

Just to see how much people want a new Panzer Dragoon Game. Vote on the poll. suggest a name if you want.

I’d vote for “Die for” but if I died I coulnd’t play it now could I?

I dont say id die for something like a computer game, i really want it though :slight_smile:

I’d die for a new one but I’d prefer to kill for a new one. I don’t know if dead people play games. =)

Remember those zombies in the original Breath of Fire?
I bet they could play video games.
I’d really, really want a new game.

“Really want one” gets my vote only because I’d never use the phrase “I’d die for one”. :slight_smile: But yeah, I’d rather see a new PD game then pretty much any other computer game that could be released in the forseeable future, which is saying quite a lot.

Put “Kill for one” as opposed to “Die for one” and I’ll vote :smiley:

All right, i get the bloody point!

What on earth are you gabbling about? Revive that misspelt German rubbish, Panzer Dragoon? Flog the dead horse of some archaic and obsolete, completely unplayable travesty with an appalling central premise, a horrifically bland world, game mechanics more derivative than inbred DNA and a plot shallower than a pavement puddle? I’m disgusted, Matt… what do you take us all for, endorsing this irredeemable dross?

…only joking! :wink:

Votes “Really Want One” - preferably with Sega recruiting him to design it on the the lines of his “vision for Panzer Dragoon V” thread. One can dream… Here’s a toast to Lagi!

I already have the PD1 and PDZWEI on saturn and now I’m dying to have a PDsaga (AZEL)

i’d like to see anything that smilebit/AV comes up with but another PD would be nice.

i was thinkin’ that the new dragon could maybe go back to the tower from the first game and do a similar thing to what was done inside shelcoof in saga. then we could get some of the older designs back as well as have new designs.

on the other hand, i’m content with the series as it is. lagi died, it’s the end of the story. i would only want a new PD on the conditions that the creators were truly inspired and were not wearing out the world.

You mean the tower that was blown up at the end of PD1?

I really, really want one!
But id prefer a RPG like Saga, i could never really get into the Rail Shooting thing, wasn’t very good at it. But i did still love the story.
The would have to create a damned good reason for it though, otherwise they might just mess it up.

yeah, that’s the one. is there a problem? :anjou_happy: