New Official Panzer Dragoon Series Images (5/22/16)

Hello everyone.

So as I mentioned in the last thread that I made, I said that “I have some new/ better quality pictures of official Panzer Dragoon series images to share”. Well here they are. I’ll be posting the pictures in the order of the Panzer Dragoon games.

  1. Panzer Dragoon:
  1. Panzer Dragoon Zwei:
  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga:

If anyone is here is good at using editing tools and what not, could you please try removing the text in this last image and making it better looking? Thanks

4 Panzer Dragoon Orta:

Not sure why, but I actually found a lot more Orta images compared to the other games the most. If anyone would like to help me upload some of these images to the main site, please let me know which ones you would like to upload. Thanks.

It appears that we have two types of images here: new and replacement. New images you can upload yourself (and write a news entry). For replacement images, you can still upload them (with a different name), but an admin will need to remove the old version and do any renaming.

So once this is done, perhaps you could compile a list of old images to be removed? Then one of us admins can go through the site, do a tidy up, and publish your news entry.

Not sure if you got a chance to go through the links, but I have a few things I got to ask you about. What would you like me to do with the (Incomplete) Panzer Dragoon Official Guide Book Scans, (Complete) Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon Zwei Scans, and Shelcoof Sculpture pictures? For the guide books I’m not exactly sure what to do with them. Do I leave a link leading to them or do I post them to the site in a new category? As for the Shelcoof Sculpture I’m pretty sure it’s official but I couldn’t confirm 100%?

As for everything else I should be fine with posting them, although there might be one or two things I might not know under what category to post it under. For example, the Orta image with all the creatures and ship sizes drawn out to scale of each other. Additionally there is only one image that needs to be replaced.

Regarding the guidebook scans, it is perhaps enough just to have the illustrations/diagrams from them on the site? The audience here is primarily English speaking, so I’m not sure how much value the Japanese text adds.

Regarding categorisation, if you feel that a new category needs to be created, I can do that.

I haven’t seen that Shelcoof sculpture before (which is very cool I must say). Where did you find the image?

@ProjektNemesis117 I’ve written a short contribution policy outlining the kinds of contributions we’ll accept. As noted in another topic, I’ll be away from Panzer Dragoon Legacy for a while, but another admin should be able to review and publish your content once it’s ready. Thanks for the contributions so far, I appreciate it. :anjou_happy:

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@ProjektNemesis117 Where are we up to with this?

I have finally gotten around to posting all of these images on the main sight and have already gone and made a news entry. You might have to change the name or delete some of the already existing images that are on the sight either because they are now part of a multipart picture series, or because I have provided a higher quality image of one.


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I would recommend making some new categories for Panzer Dragoon Zwei similar to the ones for Saga and Orta since I add a lot of new pictures for it from the game guide. Creatures and Vehicles are probable ones you might want to make.

Thanks for the contributions! I’ve moved the discussion here to keep things organised. I agree we could use some more categories. It’s probably going to take me a while to go through and check for duplicates since we have so many pictures on the site now, but I’ll see if I can find some time this week.

To make it a bit easier on you to identify which images are duplicates now after I have provided a higher quality image, I but either the words “Replace” of “Higher Quality” for the new image that I have provided.

@ProjektNemesis117 I’ve added a dropdown menu to the picture form where you can select the picture that should be replaced. Could you please mark the pictures that need to be deleted using this dropdown menu?

@Solo_Wing I have gone ahead and marked down the pictures that will be replaced.

It’s a very good set up you made; simple and easy. Would you happen to be a programer or something?

Yeah, I am a professional web developer. Even though I don’t make many contributions myself these days, it’s good that we now have a system that can empower others to contribute.

Thanks for marking those images for deletion. I’ll go through and publish the new ones soon.

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Published. Thanks again for help organising the update @ProjektNemesis117, I imagine it took quite a while to prepare.