New Mysteries section

I’ve added a Mysteries section to the site. If there are any suggestions for future mysteries let me know.

I also added the fanfic you wrote, TheSharpEdge :slight_smile:

Maybe you could put some links in a mystery that point to relevant theories. For example the Sky Rider mystery could include links to the Sky Rider theories and the Sky Rider summary in Factions, and the Shelcoof mystery could link to the Towers summary in Factions. That way the readers can see all the theories that try to explain the mystery.

That sounds like a good idea, I might just do that.

hey, that mysteries section is good^^ actually answered some questions that I had at the back of my mind…^^

what’s behind gash’s mask? :o

If I remember right he tried to save a kid from a coolia that went berserk and got half his face ripped off (Think he was a kid as well when he did that)
It’s been many years since I had PDS tho so I might remember wrong.

i’m new here so i didn’t quite had the time to explore the hole site yet so i’ll ask a question right here:
if the dragon that we see entering the shellcoof in zwei’s first episode is a pre-form of the guardian D.,supposing we end the game in very hard,how did the empire reasembled the final form of the big GD from it’s pre-state? Or is it the very hard mode just a add-on to the game having nothing to do with the main story-role?

I’m crap on this sorta stuffO_O I never knew what that freaky dragon thing you meet at the beginning was and I still don’t O_o being the age I was whenI first played PDZ didn’t help -- I never really got the story line in completetion when I played…maybe cos I was like 7 and it was a 12…or 15…can’t remember, but it was higher than my age, by quite a bit…strangly I know more about PDS than PDZ…maybe the story was just that little more revealing than PDZ…and the fact that I haven’t played PD1 doesn’t help things --

[quote=“Al3x”]If I remember right he tried to save a kid from a coolia that went berserk and got half his face ripped off (Think he was a kid as well when he did that)
It’s been many years since I had PDS tho so I might remember wrong.[/quote]

Interesting, I didn’t know that. Time to replay PDS I think.

Are you Gehn?

good question! just in case…I mean, it’s a little obvious that a newbie is gonna be new perhaps he’s just trying to trick us again >:|

what is a G*hn? :stuck_out_tongue: really i’ve just registred yesterday…I was looking for some PD fanart and puff…here I am @ a full fledged PD webbie with everything I wanted to know :o my first panzer was zwey and I wasn’t also very mature to understand what was going on…jeez I didn’t even knew there was a storyline lol anyway months after I found Saga in a deep corner of a shelf and well…I bought it…it was the only “sample” and it caught my atention :stuck_out_tongue: and I played played played…tks anyway for trying to answer my question about the weird dragon :slight_smile:

right, well gehn is a member of TWOTA forums and likes to 1.trick us a lot or 2.spam when he feels like it…:stuck_out_tongue: he recentally made a new member called Endow, which we didn’t know was him…but we do now and he tricked us for quite a long time:P just needed to ask anyways,

Gunblade welcome!You are portuguese 2?! Cool :slight_smile:

Let’s show these guys who are the true leaders of this world :wink:

Oh and Al3x:where did you read that about Gash?!Was it Zadoc?

I don’t really remember it, but it does sound familar! Wow, Berserked by a coolia! You learn something new…

Hah a coolia! that little wuss

lol, he was only little at the time! but still a coolia can hardly shoot out beams, he must have been a wuss :wink: lol, stupid Gash…

That is quite a mystery. I suppose the Empire could have gathered the pieces of the big guardian dragon and attached them to the corpse of the small guardian dragon to recreate it. I can’t really imagine that happening though.

G*hn and everyone else, don’t take what I said for a fact before someone else confirms it (or finds it to be false) since as I said before I don’t remember well and am not sure that it’s true. On second thought I’m certain someone had that happen to him however I’m not certain that it was Gash. It was either Gash or just a random person from the town with the bar and the table with the quote “who killed kenny” carved on it (I can’t remember the name of the town atm).
The above could be wrong as well, those are just the two most certain options in my memory…I should mention again that I haven’t played Saga since 1998…

That was in Jubah’s bar in Zoah, upstairs there was a table with “They killed Kenny!” on it. South park reference for those who dont know(?!?). I dont remember anyone talking about Gash though.

Also im not sure whether I know which guardian dragon you are talking about but in PDS when you fight the dragon boss from PDZ Gash said that the dragon was impossible to truly kill. This could mean that it regenerates itself over time and no matter what happened to it in PDZ it could be back to the state it is in now.

In a way…

btw Al3x:your arse is ours in Euro 2004