New Motorstorm Tracks and Vehicles?

I’ll get to them in a second.

With the recent launch of Warhawk and Lair, and now this Map/Vehicle pack for Motorstorm, (not to mention the launch of the new SLIM PSP bundle this week) this has GOT to mean that sony is one step closer to launching the thing I’m looking MOST forward to from their 1st party developers :


I really can’t think of much 1st party stuff they have slated for 2007. HOME seems to be last on the list for this quarter and calendar year.

I seriously hope it’s not much longer till we’re able to set up virtual shop.

Now, back to the Motorstorm discussion.

I’m downloading the updates, then I’ll download the tracks and vehicles. So, with the speed of PSN downloads - that should only take a few hundred hours. I’ll write a short review then.

Motorstorm was going to be the game that got me to buy a PS3 back near the beginning of the year. But after reading the lack of features included, I was really put off.

I’m glad to see developers listening to the fans and continue to support their game with meaningful additions. If the additions end up being worthwhile I will definitely pick up a copy of Motorstorm before the end of the year with a PS3. Me sure do love some of that off-road racing!


So, if I’m reading all the info right - it’s not TRACKS plural, it’s one track and 4 new vehicles, and one unlocable vehicle.

The one track, Cyote’s Revenge is pretty good, it’s a small to medium sized track, with some really muddy trenches, and some really dry ridges / metal ramps.

Nothing spectacular, but something new for sure.

The VEHICLES on the other hand kick ass. The new Motorcycle looks like something out of Mad Max, and it’g got awesome weight and balance.

The ATV is surprisingly good, though I don’t usually use that vehicle class, they just don’t have the speed needed to get the 1st place spot.

The Van which was breifly featured at E3 during the HOME demo I also love … I was waiting for a good conversion van type vehicle in a game like this.

And I didn’t play with the new Semi, but it looks kind of like the deathmobile from Dawn of the Dead 2004.

There are also a bunch of new features in the standard free “update”, including ELIMINATOR mode, and some new settings like NO DEATH from over-boosting. Neat stuff, and if you’re a fan of the game, but have gotten a bit bored with it, I think $6 is worth it for a bit of re-vitalizing additions.