New Member; questions for the masses

Greetings, I am a new member. I have parused through a lot of the posts, and I had a few questions I would like to get out of the way.

  1. The poster, Abadd… I keep getting hints that he is someone official that works for something connected with the video game industry. Any more information about that? Also, are there others on this site that are also industry insiders?

  2. I am relatively excited about the prospects of a new Panzer Dragoon, but is Sega even still in business? Are they going to survive and stay afloat? Hasn’t someone already bought them out? I stopped keeping up with the video games for a while, and was just wondering what their current status was.

  3. Is there some way to possibly play the old panzer dragoon games, like through the computer or something?

Welcome to the forums, Alcuin :slight_smile:

Yeah, Abadd works in the games industry and knows what’s going on at Sega. You can trust any information that he gives out (if he gives out anything at all). For his own reasons he has decided to conceal his true identity from being posted on these forums, so if he wishes to tell you more I’ll leave it up to him.

After the death of the Dreamcast, Sega went third party and is currently developing games for PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance… pretty much everything actually. I’m not sure what their financial situation is exactly.

There’s an emulator called GiriGiri in the programs section of this site. It’s quite buggy though, and not all that user friendly, but it does allow you to play games in hi res on your PC. I would still recommend playing the games on the Saturn.

Hey! I never said I worked in the industry! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome Alcuin. :slight_smile:

Solo already did a good job explaining stuff so there’s really no point in repeting it.

Hope you enjoy it here.

Welcome to the forums, Alcuin :slight_smile:

Solo’s answers are pretty much the ones I would have given. Sega don’t seem to be doing too badly in their current role as third-party software developer, so I wouldn’t worry about them going out of business any time soon. The GiriGiri emulator is also genuinely buggy; the only use I’ve found for it is taking hi-res screenshots from the PD games, as they can’t really be played normally on it due to glitches and flaws in the emulation.

Yeah, Abadd’s actually a sheep farmer from New South Wales. I, on the other hand, am employed by the industry.

Yeah, sorry. You’re EMPLOYED in the Industry. You hardly do any work.

Hey, now! That’s not very nice! :wink:

“The world is unfair”…

Wecome to the boars mate.

  1. couldn’t tell you

  2. SEGA still going (thank you so much Okawa), and is better shape than it has been in years. Even the boneheads at SEGA America and Europe seem to be getting thier act together.

CSK are gone . Sammy now owns CSK 22.4 stake in SEGA. so our new boss is Hajime Satomi. SEGA made a prfit i the last 2 years

  1. Don’t wast your time on emu or gettin the PC version of Pazner Dragoon (which isn’t a a patch on the Saturn version).

You simply must get the Saturn versions. The Saturn emu’s are cr*p.

i think abadd is tomonobu itagaki of tecmo… he isn’t “employed” by sega but he knows what’s going on because he goes all covert style in the airvents to listen in on meetings so that he can steal the ideas and put them in team ninja games :wink:

and he wears sinister black aligator jackets and black lennon glasses… he’s such a super villain.

does anyone know what i’m talking about? :frowning:


I was thinking that Abbad was actually Ryu Hayabusa. By the way where is Irene?

Welcome too!

Abadd is neither of those. Especially the latter, as he is a character out of Dead Or Alive, is he not?

And a character from the Ninja Gaiden series too! :slight_smile: