New(ish) Saturn Emulator

Hi y’all,
I dont know if this emulator has been brought up on the forum before but I hadnt seen it before so I thought id share it with you.

Check out Cassinim, a new saturn emulator at

It is basically an open source hack of the commercial version of Giri Giri. Cassini claim that since Giri Giri was abandonware its ok to reverse engineer it, im guessing Sega will think differently but for the moment at least is hasnt been declared illegal.

I’d recommend getting it while you can, it gives better performance than the version of giri giri on this site and also plays game music (kind of correctly) sweet! While you are at it, might as well grab the cassini source too, never know when it might come in handy.

i have no idea where to get a saturn BIOS :frowning:

With the old version of GiriGiri.

holy crap! :smiley:

ok, just wondering, what do you use to rip your sat CDs to the HD? or is it illegal to speak of? aren’t we entitled to legal copies?

Slightly off topic but I’ve always wondered this… Would it be possible to turn the saturn bios into an mp3 player? Cos its always there to play music on?

Hmm it could be possible, the cassius help was saying something about mp3s, i wasnt paying too much attention though.

Megatherium AFAIK it is legal to have a backed up copy of a game you own. It is also legal to have the bios provided you own a saturn. In answer to your question I use Alcohol 120% to rip the cds into bin+cue files.

For cassius however it is not necessary to have the backups, it can play straight from your cd drive.

Anyone else tried it out and want to comment on its performance? Ive only tried out a couple of games but it seems pretty slick. Similar in graphical ability to the giri giri on this site but better music and perhaps runs a little faster. Let me know what you think!

I can’t get it to work :frowning:
I copied the Bios from Giri Giri to the folder, anything i try and play from the CD gives me a weird error starting with BIOS

Did you make sure to rename the bios to EURO.BIN?

no i didn’t, thanks! it works fine now but wow!!!
its amazing i jsut played Sega Rally full speed!!! (no sound) When I ran Giri Giri before I had a slooowww comp (450mhz Pentium 2) now its grreat!!!

Al tried NiGHTS, got around 25 fps pretty cool!!!

Hmm… I’ve been giving Cassini a whirl, but it only seems very slightly better than GiriGiri in most departments. I’ve not checked whether or not it crashes / freezes on certain games (like PDS) yet though, and if it doesn’t that should make it quite a lot better. It’s definitely more user-friendly than GiriGiri too, which is always good.

burning rangers is tripped out o_o

Just tried this out, pretty nice emulator. Seems a lot faster than the Girigiri hacked release, and sound quality is MUCH improved (though not quite perfect yet). But yes, it does still have the freezing problems in PDS, hopefully if work continues on the emulator it will be fixed eventually. We’ll have to see how the legal rights to this thing work out, hopefully it will get some decent support in the future.

Has anyone else noticed that the Cassini website is no longer online? The legality of the emulator seemed to be vaguely in question - does anyone know if the team had to abandon it?

Well first of all, just cos Sega stopped distributing the emulator, that doesn’t mean it automatically gets “abandonware” status seeing as they propably still retain all the rights to it. And I also doubt the ability of the coders seeing as if they were that good they could join an emulator development team rather than hack their way around the official emu… Or rather hack their way around a hack of the official emu… ANd it’s not like they cared for legality since it’s one of the places that hosted the original giri giri hack as well.

Some more information on this that I couldn’t really bother reading fully: … topic=1294

Bottomline: Totally illegal, wait for one of the other emus in development :slight_smile:

Ah, I hadn’t looked into it that much; yes, its legality is more than “vaguely in question”. :slight_smile: If the emulator’s so utterly dubious then, should Solo really be hosting it on the site? The first forum you linked to wasn’t even allowing links to it, after all…

That’s a good point, Lance.

The main reason that I decided to host GiriGiri in the first place was because it isn’t exactly the easist program to find. Same with the Panzer Dragoon Mini ROM and the Die Panzer Dragoons Chronik MP3s. It’s not that I’m trying to rip off Sega or anything, it’s just that these things are so hard to find anywhere else it would be a great loss to see them gone completely.

But, you’ve made a good point: The Will of the Ancients isn’t really the place for what is essentially warez content. As much as I absolutely loathe the clamp down on an emulator that isn’t even using being worked on anymore (as far as I know)…

Download it while you can, folks.

Hmmm. . It doesn’t seem to play burned games. . . .

I haven’t tried the emulator with burned CDs, but what you could do is rip the game to your harddrive with a utility such as Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools and then run the game as an ISO. If you’re trying to save on space then you could copy the cue and bin files to a blank CD (as the actual files, rather than as a Saturn disc) and run them from there.

Well, I tried a Radiant Silvergun CUE that I made using Sega Cue Maker, but Cassini says it’s not the right type. . . Hmmm. . . . I’ll try when I’m home, at school right now.

Ah, it worked! Sorry for the delayed response, just been busy.

Basically all you need is:

1.) The burned disc.
2.) The ISO in which you used to burn the disc.

Okay, if you have those, open the Cassini Emulator and go to “Emu Tools”; from there, use the “CUE/BIN” options, they should say something like “ISO+WAVE -> CUE+ISO (####)” (NOTE: The (####) may have numbers in it, if it does, that’s fine.

Just click on those options and you should see that you are required to find the ISO for the game you want to play.

I haven’t found out what the first option does, but I DO KNOW that it’s required to do if you want to play the game. The second option creates a specific CUE file type in which the emulator can play derived off of the ISO that you supplied.

After you do that, go to “General” and pick the drive in which your burned CD is in. Then go to “RUN CUE/BIN” and open the CUE file that Cassini made for you.

After you do that, the game SHOULD play, if it doesn’t. Tweak around with the region settings. Also, if it’s a Japanese game, you will need to rename your Japanese BIOS to EURO.BIN and move it to the folder in which you installed Cassini. (You can move your current BIOS someplace else if you like).