New Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle #3 is out.


Crayon Physics Deluxe
And Yet It Moves
Child’s Play

I only donated a small amount this time (I’m a bit low on funds). But hopefully this post will encourage others here to support this great idea.

The fourth Humble Bundle is out.


Gratuitous Space Battles
Cave Story
Bit.Trip Runner
Super Meat Boy
NightSky HD

What was the bundle between #3 and #4, ninjadetective?

There was a Voxatron Humble bundle with that (alpha), Blocks That Matter, The Binding of Isaac, Gish, Jasper’s Journeys, Chocolate Castle and Zen Puzzle Garden.

And a Frozen Synapse (amazing game) Bundle with that, Trauma and SpaceChem.

Not sure exactly when was each.

There are also non Humble bundles.

The Indie Gala
With games redeemed on Steam.

And Indie Royale.
With games on various services.

Kind of want the current Royale (at the time of writing) for The Blackwell Trilogy.

I got this one, though not all worked for me (my laptop is old and it’s a Linux port). VVVVVV, which was the one most interested in, worked flawlessly and I love it. Lots of fun.

There’s a new bundle out. Pretty much all too fancy for my computer, but might just end up getting it for support.

Here’s a gift certificate for the Voxatron bundle, I had bought it for a dude who gave me the Frozen Synapse bundle but he already had it. First try gets it, but at least post that it’s been redeemed so that nobody else tries and gets disappointed to find it gone.

Please, get it if you think you’ll play some of the games mentioned in my last post.

All the games in this Bundle work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS too.

And remember to keep checking for Voxatron updates and such.

This is a pre-release alpha version eligible for all future versions.

Thanks, I used it. I had been interested in trying The Binding of Isaac.

If you want to me to gift you the Indie Royale or one of the other bundles in return, let me know.

Have fun (try the other games too, Gish for example was a pretty big indie platform game before the likes of Super Meat Boy exploded, and Voxatron itself is unique), don’t worry, I might get it myself but I have such a huge backlog and there are so many deals these days, on steam and and itunes (iOS) too, and more bundles popping up…

I know the feeling. Too many games, too little time.