New Game By Rez Creator

The creator of Rez is developing a game called Every Extend Extra for the PSP. Nothing else is known about it so I won’t bother linking to a specific article as they simply mention the name among other titles.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the freeware Every Extend game

Probably just a coincidence… Or this Omega guy finally got the recognition he deserves :anjou_love:
Some new information…

[quote]So, what’s next? Besides the action epic Nintety-Nine Nights in collaboration with Phantagram Entertainment on Xbox 360, Mizuguchi has promised via his online blog to reveal a new puzzle game at Tokyo Game Show later this week entitled E3 - Every, Extend, Extra. He promises the game will bring a “re-uniting of music and the game” to PSP.

When we caught up with Mizuguchi-san today at Microsoft’s opulent Xbox 360 conference at the Cerulean Towers in Shibuya, he told us that E3 is somewhat similar to Rez, in concept, which should make more than a few gamers do a backflip for joy. Something of a cross between a puzzle game and a shooter, E3 will be playable in the Bandai booth at Tokyo Game Show, and Bandai will once again handle publishing duties in Japan.

While we don’t know much about the actual gameplay, expect a full report tomorrow after we’ve wrapped our hands around Q’s latest addictive thrill.[/quote]

Why are the handhelds getting all the quirky concepts?!

Cheaper production costs. Quirky games also tend to be much easier for pick-up-and-play, whereas people expect a lot of depth and length for home console games.

CVG confirms that it really is a sorta sequel to the freeware Every Extend game I linked to in the first post. Unless they are also just assuming this of course because no other source that has gone to TGS provides this bit of information.

I guess that’s the definite confirmation that it really is a sequel of Every Extend. The little ship thing is the same. And I just noticed Every Extend is also called E2 just like Every Extend Extra is called E3.

I wonder what the deal is with this… Maybe this “Omega” guy is the creator of Rez? Or maybe the creator of Rez saw his idea and loved it so much he hired him? Or what…

Or maybe the “Creator of Rez” thing is simply a marketing tool to get your attention because, in fact, the game is created by someone else, and he’s simply acting as the front-man for the project?


Sad if he gets the credit for someone else’s creation… Why couldn’t the original creator be credited, and the Rez guy could simply say “YA IT ROCKS SO WE HIRED HIM!” or something… What kind of fame would he have to use now if Sega had used Naka as the front man for Rez… Sad :anjou_sad:

You do realize this happens ALL the time in ALL industries.

Do you actually think Miyamoto hand-built the recent Zelda or Mario games, for example?

Most big-name creators are in executive positions now, and don’t do much design. They usually come up with the overall high concept, maybe do some low level stuff, then leave a good 90% of the work to other people. That doesn’t lessen their ability to spot good quality stuff, as they have the final say in most things, but when people say, “From the creator of such-and-such,” people tend to forget that that person is simply a single person in a 25-40 man team.

But atleast the general idea is theirs and they supervise the design etc… Here, atleast 50% of the game and idea is of another guy though… Even the aesthetics will be similar apparently, the little ship (if you can call it that) has the same shape as in Omega’s game… So what are they doing, taking his game, remaking it with a new feature or two (the audio-visual changes depending on how you do or whatever maybe) and say that it’s created by that guy? That just sounds wrong to me…

Well, it’s likely they plan to publish it, help develop it. It’s not like they’re simply doing the same game without the guy.

In addition, most big name developers aren’t even the ones coming up with the concepts. They have a bunch of their minions throw out design ideas and they pick one they like the most, give some feedback, and then the minions crawl back into their holes to work on the designs/prototypes/etc for the next several months, until they emerge from their cocoons again, and blink fiercely at the brightness of the sun.

Just so you know, his name is Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

This may be spelled wrong because I’m far too lazy to actually look it up.

[quote=“Brandt”]Just so you know, his name is Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

This may be spelled wrong because I’m far too lazy to actually look it up.[/quote]

Oh… You mean him? :wink:

(That’s me on the left.)

Show off.

Hehe… Sorry. Couldn’t resist :wink:


Screenies… Looks pretty similar to the “original” except far more colorful, probably courtesy of the Rez style “audio-visual-gameplay” experience…

I’ll be sure to try it out, I’ve been playing Every Extend and it’s far more addictive than I initially thought. Kudos to its creator.

Did you guys even know that Mizuguchi is working on Ninety Nine Nights?
That’s the main site, has a pretty nice CG trailer there.
Here’s an in-game demonstration filmed from TGS.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a launch title, Mizuguchi is going to release this when it’s top-notch.

Yeah I think we’ve talked about it before.I’m looking forward to this game but it seems to have too much in common with Kingdom Under Fire (which I own,play and love).Yes Phantagram (makers of KUF) are working on the game but it’s sad if the two games turn out to be too similar.

(have you guys noticed that in some images the enemies are indetical to the orcs from KUF?)

I loved rez! Shame i dont have a PSP. It looks like a little prototype version of it. It certainly has the graphics attributes Rez had. great game…