New Forum Categories

If you’ve come from the old phpBB forums you may notice some new categories:

  • Meta - use this category to discuss the site and forums.
  • SEGA - I’ve moved a bunch of topics from the Other Games category into this category.

The other categories have all been moved across, with some being renamed.

Since all topics show up on a single page I think it would be worth having even more categories. Post your suggestions! Some ideas:

  • Mature Discussion - for discussing world affairs, philosophical and political discussions, etc
  • Films & Television - there are quite a few topics already that fall into this category
  • Contributions - for submitting new content for TWOTA

Mature discussion wouldn’t be a bad idea. Jesus Christ, I can’t believe some of the things I wrote in the past. I almost wish you had deleted it all.

Don’t get too hung up on the past. We’ve all grown as people, and people need to accept that if they want to see things improve. Learn from it and evolve.

It could be argued that we were not the same people five or ten years ago. I see personal identity as a wave - connected over time, but not necessarily made of the same parts.

The problem is people rarely tolerate a difference of opinion if it contrasts with theirs. I am surprised that you can remain so neutral sometimes. It’s a good thing if you are aiming to be fair.

If you make a Mature Discussion forum maybe we can actually have a mature discussion about the world, or maybe that’s not such a good idea after all. I think I am going to order some Saturn games.

One way of approaching discussion is as a problem to be solved (for all relevant parties). Just aiming to defend a static opinion rarely solves a problem unless that viewpoint has already considered all of the other relevant angles.

Anyway, I’ve set up a “Mature Discussion” category, along with an “Other Fiction” category for discussing films/tv/books. And I’ve renamed the main off topic board to “General Chatter” (can you guess what site is influencing these categories yet?)

Okay, I’ve gone through and moved most of the off topic posts over to the new categories. Feel free to flag any that I’ve missed (or move them yourself if you’re an admin).

@Geoffrey_Duke I certainly no issue here with having a mature discussion, although unfortunately I don’t have lots of spare time for really lengthy discussions.

SFC I assume. I liked SFC in the old days when there were a variety of opinions. I’m glad that fans translated SF3 parts 2 and 3. Hopefully Saturn emulation will be perfected one day so I don’t have to mod a Saturn to play them in English. I modded a Saturn before, and believe me, it’s a delicate process.

Anyway, I assume you are liking your brand new forums with all the trappings of more modern software.

I moved 2 posts to a new topic: Shining Force III Translation Project

There’s lots to get used to, but the moderation experience has had a lot of thought put into it. For example move/lock topic posts are auto generated simply by performing those actions. And no spam so far.