New Footage of Remake (released)

not sure about liberties taken

At 23:15 if the time doesnt work

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shows a bit of desert

I’m definitely getting that Panzer Classic Edition!!

Full game playthru of PD1 remake:

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I don’t like the visual style much, obviously it’s not Saturn level technically and therefor better in many ways but it’s kind of like I didn’t like Orta’s take on PD art (but in retrospect it was better than this). I’m reading too many complaints for the controls and what not. I hope they handle Zwei better using this as experience but if they couldn’t get the bare minimum right when the first game is the simplest, we’ll see. It would have been awesome if we got a duology that upgraded everything with Orta level gameplay and no issues. At least assuming they don’t patch this considerably, it doesn’t happen often, for games to change much past release. I’m not setting myself up for disappointment, if anything awesome comes out I’ll fall in love then.

I’m same with you on Orta.

I was wondering if it was better than I remembered it, but just watched a lets play of the whole game and it was actually worse . Like all the spikes on the dragoon, these extra accoutrements that made no sense, weird colors

I think Stage 3 (“The fallen Ground”) is the only stage that looks like a panzer game

Overall Iva’s story was better for fans than the main game

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Yes, I just wrote that on another forum, the imperial’s POV was the closest it got to true Panzer Dragoon… Art wise I didn’t like how it conveyed trademark things like the ancient technology, float engines, armors and creatures. And of course the horrible base dragon. Some levels looked right and it did play well. In the remake I feel the dragon doesn’t even have as cool animations as the Saturn original…

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