New [eM] eNCHANT arM trailer

Nope, I didn’t leave caps lock on, this is what the game is actually called. It’s an RPG by From Software for the 360. It breifly came up on these boards a while ago, but back then there was pretty much no information about it. However, I stumbled across this trailer for it on Gamespot today:


It looks pretty neat, if a tad generic and completely OTT. The trailer doesn’t really give away much information about it (possibly because it’s in japanese). From the looks of it, it would appear to have a turn based battle system, although I suppose it could be a real-time system in the same vein as Tales of Symphonia. The cutscene certainly look impressive, although it’s pretty much impossible to tell if the story will be any good from the trailer. Just don’t ask about the Maid-robot with a Gattling Cannon or the guy with a saxophone… I have no idea what thats all about.

“ENCHANTSU ALM!!!” made me laugh. :anjou_happy:

Looks turn based from what I can tell as well. But like you said nothing spectacular, just a bunch of flashing lights.

I have to watch it again, I don’t recall seeing a guy with a saxophone…interesting.

I was a biy excited about it when I first heard.But then I saw some images.Generic really si the best way to describe the visual style but I’ll download the trailer to check on the gameplay…