Need some help with SSF

Hey everyone, I was hoping somebody who was able to play the whole game through on SSF could post the exact settings they used (v.011 alpha).

I’m running into the problem right before the last boss, where a glitch causes the game to hang as he says “you ignore your duty.” It doesn’t freeze or anything, the dragons just flap there doing nothing and that piece of voice audio doesnt load.

It happened to me before right before the guardian dragon fight, and I got past it by switching the settings from standard to highest in the EZ tabs. Unfortunately, there is no “higher than highest” tab. Also, I don’t think it’s my discs, as I’ve tried both my copy, images of my copy, and images from the web.

Thanks very much to whomever replies.

Finally, just wanted to say I’m glad I found this forum! this looks like a pretty cool site.

New Update: Well, somehow it got past that part…the only thing i had different was, well, put the screen at 2x size. I have no idea why that worked. Now I have a final problem…when the game is supposed to switch to the credits, it instead goes to the Saturn BIOS screen. Is this something that happens to everybody playing on SSF, or is it something i can look to correct? Has anyone on SSF made it all the way through to the results screen and save their game at the end?**

I completed the game on 0.9 beta R2 with no problems whatsoever, so it is possible. However, because it ran fine I just don’t know enough about it to really be able to trouble shoot it for you :confused:

Thanks alot for your reply. Did you play off the original discs, images you made, or images you found?

There is one thing you could do, if you’re willing, I would be most appreciative. Would you mind downloading the latest version, loading your save, and just play through the ending to see if it still works? That would help me determine if its a problem with my image or if i should instead be trying to tinker with this or different versions of ssf. I’m really hoping it’s the latter, but my copy of disc 4 has seen better days…

Thanks again!

PS: be sure to make backups of all your internal and external ram saves…I tried switching to an earlier version of ssf before and lost them…for some reason, my ssf didnt save them to a folder. I’ve still got my savestates, but they don’t work on earlier versions. The ram files are in the folder titled “backup.”

I’ve been playing around with SSF lately. While I can’t help you on the specific issues you’ve mentioned, I have been wondering if anyone has tried it while using:

  • Win 7
  • 64Bit Intel Quadcore Processor
  • NVidia 9800GT

I can get it to run, but two issues crop up:

  • Fullscreen has the Start Menu icon shinning through
  • Attempting to load/save states crashes it

It’s interesting how SSF can have fairly different results between those I’ve chatted to about it.

I’ve already fixed my problem, so you might have better luck making a new topic instead of hijacking someone else’s.