Nausicaa Film (Anime)

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This is more in terms of atmosphere rather than storyline, but there are parts in that which was definitely panzer dragoon saga-esque.

Firstly when that guy is running out of the forrest of the start is exactly like when Gash escapes from the valley on the coolia.

And there are music part and sound effects that sound just like levels. I.e, one time there was definitely the Uru sound effect, i reckon you’ll notice it if you watch…

So if anyone has some free time, check it out and see what you think =)

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I recommend that you check out the manga as well. The anime is based on the same story, but the manga goes further than the anime’s ending and has parallels with other Panzer plot elements.

Also, check out my parallels article comparing Nausicaa and Panzer Dragoon.

I love the whole god warrior concept. It sounds familiar. >:)

It seems like these themes are too depressing for a lot of people?


I loved the storyline, it was really dark…

But the ending was a bit too happy for me, it should have been a bad spirited ending lol

Read the manga, Scott. The ending is much different.

Not depressing I hope. I read the Manga ending of Death Note and wish I hadn’t.

It reminds me of Panzer Dragoon Saga’s ending.

I love the books so much I can’t watch the movie anymore.

The manga is really really good- it is a much biggerstory than what is conveyed in the movie- it is like if Lord of The Rings ended with Frodo dropping the ringing in Moria, or if Luke killed Vader in the in the middle of Star Wars 1

SPeaking of which, if a live-action Nausicaa got the Peter Jackson treatment, it would be a HUGE blockbuster- you have a girl lead (so cross gender adventure), messages about environment, battle and war, etc

Completely agree.

That would be awesome.