Narrow Escape!

Who’s had one? Come on, admit it. Who’s had a Narrow Escape on PDS?

More than I’d like to admit, but half the time I honestly don’t know why I get it, I think I win easily and it slaps me with that ranking!

I never had a Narrow Escape except when I was aiming at one (whcih was only once anyways).

Probably on the massively early fights where you can only get an excellent by not moving and firing once?

Yeah, I’ve had a few Narrow Escape’s here and there, mainly when I replayed the game after a while and had forgotten the technique on how to beat a certain enemy/boss. Those occasions were very rare, though.

I’ve had a few. =O Especially on rather prolonged fights.

I don’t think I have had many - the game’s really quite easy, even taking into account my limited gaming experience.

Little things annoy me, though, like how that couple of extra moves you make in a particular battle can be the difference between different final grades!

Who hasn’t gotten them before?

I’ll wager that there will be some people who haven’t got them before; probably due to the game’s slight easiness. Probably the reasons that people here have got them are those ‘off day’ battles; y’know, the ones where everything goes wrong!

I think Solo hit it on the head with his comment, as well.

Yeah, I agree. I’ve only ever had one, from the Twin Guardians first time though. I won that fight attacking from the side with the assassin gun attachment…kept attacking the invincible one from behind with lasers and thinking that wouldn’t work…

I remember finding them really easy to beat… despite the fact that I can’t quite remember how!

The first time playing against any of the particular enemies is (well, was) always the best. I bet the first battle with Atolm is stuck in a lot of people’s heads! I remember the Basilus fight quite well - finally, out of the underground ruins… :anjou_sigh:

I’m not sure what ones I found hard before, though… the Mel-Kava reactor and Atolm with orbs made me think, but Grig Orig annoyed and confused me more than many others. Especially Surpressing Fire… leave me alone already! :anjou_sad:

I dunno. What are fans’ favourite battles here?

Firstly on topic, I’ve had more than my fare share of Narrow Escapes, but then I don’t think anyone who’s played the game hasn’t.

Secondly in reply to Ancient Weapon’s question about favourite boss battles, my favourite would have to be Drenholm, the guardian above the ruins in Uru. Just the sunsetting in the background, and the effect of this on the environment, coupled with some awesome music, makes me enjoy this fight everytime I play it.

I have fond memories of my first fight with Atolm, and the subsequent fights as well. I liked one of the Grig Orig battles, the last one I think it was. The battle with the Guardian Dragon was memorable the first time around, with me having only recently finished Zwei weeks earlier. And the twist at the end of the music from Zwei did wonders for enhancing the battle.