Name change

Just letting you all know… the forum member has been renamed to Ancient Weapon, in case there was any confusion.

Oh, it’s only a member’s username. I thought the site was going to be re-named “Abadd’s Harem Palace” or something.

Are you calling us (and yourself) witches with a B?

Hm. Abadd like this idea.

Abadd wants some Shadow loving. Hmm. My head say “no no”, but my heart say, “yes yes!”

And what does drone exactly need a harem for anyway? :anjou_happy:

Please refer to Shadow’s above post =)

Again, Solo, thank you very much!

Anyway, hello everyone. Slightly scary topic deviation :anjou_wow: , but never mind!

Welcome to the TWOTA forums AW :anjou_happy:

Welcome to the forums, Ancient Weapon. I did notice that your interesting post in the Seeker’s Stronghold hasn’t received any responses yet… I’d suspect that most members of this community don’t have the specific knowledge to patch that sort of thing into a Saturn game, but of course if anyone does, check the topic and I’ll be happily proved wrong.

Enjoy your stay at TWotA.

Hi guys, thanks for the warm welcome.

As for the game post, yeah it seems like it could be quite tricky. Basically I was just annoyed that the sound test does actually exist on the PDS CD (check SNDTEST.PRG with a hex editor or even Wordpad) but seemingly TA removed access to it.

Anyway, thanks again for the replies!