! Myst V : End of Ages!

I was thru one of those Myst phases of mine.I even changed my avatar and signature (you can’t really get Riven gear anymore : it’s a joke :slight_smile: ).I ordered Myst IV Revelation last Friday because I have still to play it…

Still today I saw this :


I already knew Cyan were working on something they called Something Else so I wasn’t THAT surprised but on the other hand I sure am happy! :anjou_happy:

A new myst game done by Cyan (even tho Presto Studios did a good job with Myst III : Exile;and I’m sure Ubisoft did a good job with Myst IV : Revelation;) can only mean perfection!!

If any of you are syaing “UrU” right now them let me tell you that isn’t really a Myst game.It would be just like saying Shining Wisdom was a Shining Force game… sort of…

I’m excited, very excited.And if Cyan are willing to be ironic I’m sure we will either see Riven (the age) or Gehn in this new chapter.That would be so damn awesome!!

Your thoughts on this news?

Btw : judging by the title this might be the last Myst game.Even tho a part of me is very sad the other knows that Cyan will still be involved in projects based on the D’niverse (D’ni + universe :P) and that stretching a series for too long could mean something I don’t want to happen.


I always see Myst games getting low scores, yet some people seem obsessed with it…

Low scores?Just wer ehave you been seeing those?!

Gamespot just awarded Myst IV Revelation best 2004 adventure game.

As for the main reason several people don’t like it : you can’t be violent in it.There is some violence in the games but the player can’t ever be the actor.

i remember reading the Riven review in SSM… looked pretty good, since i like all the point and click puzzle games on PC

But… But… but I’m only twelve minutes into Exile, and my copy of The Book of the D’ni hasn’t arrived in the post yet! Can’t you be so gracious as to give me a decade or so to catch up, and then release a new game? :anjou_sad:

Anyway, back to attempting to decipher any secret message that may be concealed in the arrangement/colour-coding of telescopes dotted around the island. I idle away moments of despair with the hand-generator on the desk in the tower’s ground floor. “Look! It crackles! It sparks! It pops! Hours of amusement!” :anjou_happy:

Incidentally, wasn’t the opening sequence to Exile absolutely marvellous? Truly cinematic, and refreshingly unconventional for a computer game.

If you only have played 12 minutes of Exile I advise you to finish it (but don’t use faqs) and then finish every other Myst game if you haven’t (except for Uru).

I’m pretty sure Myst V will be even tougher for new people to understand since they are sure to squeeze things in there that only Myst connosseurs (yes my french sucks) will be able to understand.

Btw concenring the topic : Myst V has been confirmed has the end of the cylce of the Myst-story.This will be the last Myst game but most probably not the last game based on the D’niverse.

Oh and the game is going to be 3D!I’m a bit skeptical about this since all other Myst games were pre-rendered (except for realMyst) and even tho I loved realMyst I still want more from Cyan’s 3d graphics.

They are using the Plasma 2.5 engine to do it.

3D eh? Interesting… Seems like that could kinda ruin the relaxed only-have-to-use-one-hand feel of the game.

realMyst was all in 3d and you only used your little pointy hand :smiley:

Btw first shot!!! :anjou_wow:

Small version : us.news2.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/fi/pr/41126.jpg

Bigger version ( take a closer look :smiley: ) : mms.businesswire.com/bwapps/medi … 7078&vid=5

I don’t wanna spoil the fun for possible Riven players but let me just tell you those paintings and that dagger already tell much about the game.And thankfully it mean it’s going to be closely connected to the Riven story!Maybe Gehn will be back!!!I’m gonna die of excitement!!! Yuppy!!!

Oh my, another Myst game. Just what the world needs.

Dont’t even start it!
Have you played any myst game btw?

No, but I’ve played similar games. They have some entertaining puzzles, but they mostly lack replay value.

If you knew Myst you sure wouldn’t use the word “similar” in that sentence.

I actually find myself more than once having conversations with other gamers about the Myst games.Some people are just too quick to judge.

Yep replay value is not really important in Myst games since what counts is the impact, the experience.


My copy of The Book of the D’Ni fell through the letterbox this afternoon - isn’t it astounding that I can purchase a book from America, plus international postage, and obtain it more cheaply than if I walked into town and acquired a similar book from Waterstones’ or Borders? :anjou_wow:

But I digress. I’ve read through the first two Parts of the tome tonight (just over a hundred pages) - and I’m sorry to disappoint, Gehn (but that’s what you’d probably relish, thwarting Atrus’s altrusitic schemes, you old devil, you! :anjou_happy: ), but so far the book’s been a little underwhelming.

It’s a strong concept, of course, but it isn’t realised as well as it could have been - the prose feels leaden, and the story plods with a rather de-lib-er-ate meth-od-i-cal-ness. In a story of a group of youths discovering a hundred new and mesmerising foreign realms on an unparalleled scale, I’d expect a great exposition of awe and wonderment - but so far the book’s chosen mainly to express itself in reams of direct speech rather than the immersive descriptions and artful meditations I, personally, would have expected of such a universe as that of Myst - and as a result it feels rather flat for me. In the games, everything was rendered with a majestic, luscious brilliance - it just seems such a tragic shame that a similar exquisite richness hasn’t been extended to the actual books.

Perhaps I’m being too hasty to judge - the book isn’t even a third complete, after all - and I appreciate you saying in my X-Box thread, Gehn, that D’ni was the weakest book in the trilogy. I’ll read D’ni through to the end, of course, and certainly invest in Atrus and Ti’ana - but at present the experience remains only average for me.

That said, when I first picked up the book I inexplicably broke out into goosepimples when looking at the first page, almost as if I was beginning a link myself… :anjou_embarassed:

Oh dear, and I only got around to playing Myst III at Christmas… looks like I’ve got even more catching up to do…

I’ve read about the first third of The Book of Ti’ana - I randomly picked it up several years ago - and my thoughts are similar; I wouldn’t say the team are nearly as good at authoring books as they are at creating games.

Anyway, I’ll definitely be looking forward to this new game (and also Myst IV, which I’ll hopefully pick up sometime soon). It’s nice that this game appears to be going back to the “main” Myst storyline too, as Exile’s plotline felt too much like a side-story to me; I’ve been told that it doesn’t have a great deal to do with Myst IV, but I’ll reserve my judgement until I play the next game…

Although to its benefit and credit the book has shifted up a gear (I’d like to see a maze like the one depicted in one of the games! It’s a shame they didn’t present some of the party’s brain-teasers for us to decipher ourselves though) since the point where I gave my ‘first impressions’ post, the nagging sensation I still receive is that the authors aren’t particularly suited to the format of a novel. The prolificacy of dialogue and the rather straightforward, blandly factual descriptions suggests to me that they’ve spent too much time writing scripts to appreciate continuous prose. That’s not to disparage the games, of course, but as games are visual they’re still seeing the book as pictures, not words.

Oh well. I suppose they can always resort to the “we’re challenging you to use your imagination!” get-out-of-gaol-free clause. :anjou_embarassed:

It’s a syndrome I witness in a number of other practitioners of alternate media who dabble in books - most notably Dan Abnett. Although he writes decent enough comics, his venture into books (the “Gaunt’s Ghosts” and “Eisenhorn” Warhammer 40,000 tie-ins) was as dull as dishwater.

I don’t want to defend the books here but there’s something peculiar about them.

All 3 books have tedious beginings.The book of Ti’Ana talking about the excavation,the book of Atrus talking about Atrus’ life as a child and the book of D’ni talking about the village.

All 3 books get better afterwards but the D’ni one was a real let down.If I wasn’t a Myst fan I wouldn’t have read it till the end maybe.

But i’d like to point out that the reason I like the books is because they provide information that you can’t get anywhere.For a Myst fan like myself it’s something very interesting.Imagine a PD book was released and it talked about how the Ancients fell : wouldn’t that be worth reading even if the prose sucked?

But the Book of Ti’Ana is the best and after the excavation part is finished it gets one of the best books I’ve read.The book of Atrus is also very good when we get to know more about Gehny boy :slight_smile:

The Book of D’ni sucks a bit tho.

Ghen if you have an Xbox Ubisoft is bringin Myst IV to the console for a bargain price in the coming months. Reading your signature I see you already have a PC copy, hopefulyl you’ll get that computer soon.

Are you certain of that Felix (weird calling you this :P)?Where did you hear/read that?No one knows over at the Myst forums I usually post.Or maybe I woulnd’t know because I’ve been away from the Myst IV sub-forum afraid of spoilers…

It was kind of weird that Myst III : Exile was released on the XBox and it didn’t get a sequel.Xpecially since Ubisoft published them both.

Gamespot of course :anjou_happy: