My unifinished theory

I worked on that theory I made some years ago lately, but due to an apparent critical flaw I discontinued it. Some might find it interesting so I’m putting it up anyways.

Basically, the problem I had was that if the Dragon and Sestren could predict future phenomena, they shouldn’t be able to predict/control phenomena involving the divine visitor, who exists outside the system of control I postulate Sesteren to possess over the world.

I am rather busy at the moment, but I’ll try to crave out some time to read and provide feedback on your theory over the next month.

I just read it.

I tend to think of the visions, such as the vision that Lundi had at the end of PDZ of the Tower of Uru, as possible futures. They could represent the dragon’s plan, rather than the actual future. The dragon planned to go to the Tower of Uru and use Azel to enter Sestren, but perhaps this was not set in stone. It took the Divine Visitor to actualise the plan.

If this is true, then the visions would be compatible with phenomena involving the Divine Visitor.