My thoughts on the Halo 2 Map Pack

So, how many people here bought this or are going to buy the Map pack? I didn’t realize that it was coming out yesterday, until a friend told me. I had enough money, so I thought that I might as well get it seeing as I play quite a lot of split screen multiplayer with my friends.

As an expansion pack, it’s a bit lacking. There’s only nine maps, but they all seem very well thought out, and each have some interesting new features, such as a train that can run characters over, and a conveyor belt that hides your motion from enemy rader if you’re just sitting on the conveyor belt and not moving, but the conveyor belt is.

The bonus content on the DVD isn’t anything impressive, mainly just trailers that we’ve seen before, and a tour of the new maps with some guys from Bungie talking about them. There is a new story sequence that’s about 10 minutes, but it doesn’t really add anything to the Halo storyline.

Overall, it’s worth it if you play a lot of Halo 2, but when compared to what PC gamers are used to in expansion packs it feels like their should be more than just nine maps. Even a two or three level campain mode would have made this more worthwhile, but I guess Bungie are too busy with their next project for that. If you’re just a causal Halo player, I’d just wait for the new maps to be available for free on LIVE (or borrow the map pack off someone you know), as it feels more like a filler until Halo 3 comes out, than an expansion pack that’s really worth your money.

How much is it?

$39.99 New Zealand dollars… I think that would work out to be around $20 USD, although don’t quote me on that.

Haha… Suppose it would have been faster to just check myself :slight_smile:

It’s $11.99 in the US. So, cheaper than a PC expansion pack, but yeah. I was expecting >$10.

Yep, I just looked it up, it’s $19.99 USD. I hear that you can buy the maps over Xbox LIVE as well, which would probably work out cheaper as you wouldn’t have to pay for packaging, etc. The DVD’s bonus content isn’t that special, so you wouldn’t be missing out on much besides the novelty of having another physical Halo item for your collection.

Ebgames is selling it for $19.99. Is $11.99 the price when you’re buying it over Xbox LIVE?

Yeah, $11.99 is the Live version. Is there a difference?

I’m not sure if LIVE version has the extra story sequence and documentary that’s on the disc, it may do though. I actually thought that maps were going to be released in three separate packs over live, as that’s how they’re set out on the disc.

The Live version is just the maps.

I’m going to wait untill Aug and downlaod them for nothing.

BTW Abadd are you on LIVE ???

Well, I have a Live account, if that’s what you mean :smiley:

I’m rarely ever on… hardly have any time to actually play anything anymore :frowning: My role here at work changed recently and it has left me with very little personal time (gotta love those 14-15 hour work days), but with plenty of cash in my pockets. Not an optimal combination, but better than several alternatives I can think of :slight_smile:

Regardless, my Live account is my last name. Let me know if you don’t know it.

You need to get on more. MAKE TIME. Somehow.

Well, when I’m out of the country 1-1.5 weeks a month, then when I’m here, I have to work all day, it’s kinda hard :frowning:

What little time I do have is taken up by WoW :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Abadd”]Well, I have a Live account, if that’s what you mean :smiley:

my Live account is my last name. Let me know if you don’t know it.[/quote]


Nah I don’t know it mate. So just PM it, if you want .

Thanks again

And that’s how you fail as a human being =P


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Hmm, World of Warcraft is an okay game. I played it for a couple of days, and I can see attraction of building up your character while questing and socialising, but if you don’t like that kind of battle system (similar to Diablo, but slower paced) then you probably wouldn’t enjoy the game enough for it to be worth paying a monthly subscription fee for. For me, if the gameplay isn’t what I like, it’ll need a good storyline to keep me interested, and WoW doesn’t have either of those things (to me). But definately give it a try if you’re the opportunity arises.

Yeah WoW is definitely a team-orientated game, and in that respect, it excels marvelously. Me and my friend have ben patrolling contested areas to ensure that no horde players prey on the weak. My paladin is simply obligated to defend the defenceless!

It’s cool that you can actually visit the Dark Portal (the portal from which the orcs invaded in the first and second Warcraft games) and the ruins of Lordaeron.

4 of the maps are availible for free over Xbox Live. The other 5 are only availible in the map pack, or as a seperate Premium Content download for $12. I’m just going to play the free maps and wait until the rest are made free as well, or until I can get the disc for under $10. Especially since the main map I really thought looked cool is now free (Turf).

Even though you’re never on, Solis.