My theory about Orta's gun

I just read Geoffrey Duke’s “Materialisation Out Of Thin Air” and Solo Wing’s “Wedged Gun” Theories, and it seems to me that Solo’s one could be quite the good one (while Duke seems to only sum up a few speculations) . But according to the “wedged gun theory”, the only point that remains obscure is the fact that the dragon couldn’t have put the gun himself on his own back.

I don’t think anyone would have put such a powerful weapon somewhere only in order for someone else to use it. Apart from Azel, who could have goals that we cannot understand, no one could have got close enough to the rider without being torn to shreds or being chosen by the dragon itself to be its rider, in which circumstances he would have needed the gun himself…

So, what if the gun has never been anywhere else than on the dragon’s back? What if the gun wasn’t wedged against the dragon’s armor, but was a part of the armor itself?

I don’t know the principle of working of those “dragon pistols” every rider in the series have, but there may be two possibilities: the pistol could be a kind of plasma rifle developped by the ancients OR it could be a small, hand-held version of a bio-luminary oscillator. the second theory is interesting because it opens the possibility for the gun to be a kind of pure-type monster engineered by the ancients, which couldn’t reproduce, but could be produced by some kind of factory.

Let’s see it this way: it seems like a stylish concern to make orta’s gun match perfectly the color and texture of the dragon’s bio-armor plates, doesn’t it? So, and here is the core of the theory: maybe Lagi himself was the “factory” to make guns for his riders. The dragon visibly evolved since it’s first appearance in Zwei. He even morphs at will in a nanosecond in Orta. Also, in the end of Orta, the dragon spawns a heir, which includes creating a potentially complete bio-engineered creature and… a bio-luminary oscillator! So, maybe was it a part of the dragon’s armor that just morphed in a pure-type creature being a dragon pistol, seeing how the dragon has the ability to create a creature as complex as himself. Maybe even the dragon was making pistols since the beginning, maybe Lundi’s gun itself was a creation of our beloved dragon, and the fact that Orta’s gun doesn’t look like any other model in the series is a proof of how the dragon’s pistol-making abilities evolves just like every other ability he has.

From that point of view, it would seem logical that the piece of armor that was most likely to morph was the one on the dragon’s back, near the rider’s hand, as the Ancients wanted their weapons to be as efficient as possible.

So, that’s it for my theory on Orta’s gun, which comes as a complementary explanation to Solo Wing’s theory. feel free to discuss and comment, And Solowing, If you wish, you can copy this post to the “theories” section of the site.

Interesting idea. I guess such a theory is possible, especially if you consider that Orta’s gun changes form when the dragon does, suggesting that it is somehow linked to the dragon itself.

If I put it up on the site, would you might if I edit it slightly to add that point in?

I’m not sure if the wedged gun theory is accurate or not to be honest; the whole thing happens so fast it’s difficult to see exactly what the object is. It could just be part of Lagi.

Hehe, Solo, I thought about that too while re-thinking my theory, so I would actually like it if you reformulate it and add that point. I didn’t notice the gun changed in appearance, but it’s rate of fire is clearly different across the three forms. Maybe is it directly linked to the dragon in some way, and some energy diverts/converges between it and the dragon to augment the rate of fire of the gun in base wing or concentrate more energy in the arrows of light of the heavy wing, but that’s another story

As for you not being sure of your theory, I think that what is important is not what can be proven by the videos, because smilebit most likely forgot to mention the gun (as well as the disparition of the chains) in them. But the fact is that, videos put apart, the wedged gun theory would still be plausible just because the gun has to come from somewhere, and it was surely not in Orta’s tower/prison, nor could the dragonmares have dropped it. So it seems evident to me that Lagi himself brought it to her. Seeing it this way pretty much mean that debating about if a flash from a video was or was not a gun is pointless in itself.

By the way, I’m glad you understood what I meant because I don’t know if my written english is that good. I’m from Quebec, Canada, so french is my first language. :anjou_happy:

Anyway, to sum things up: You can add your comment in the theory, as it wasn’t meant to be a strict unshakeable theory, but just my own fan addition to the panzer community.

I definitely think Smilebit left this little mystery up to our imaginations. Between the time Orta is escaping on Lagi’s back and the time we take control of her, Orta finds the gun. Where is the only question that remains unanswered.