My Shadow of the Colossus videos (hilarity will ensue)

I’m sure at least some of you from various SOTC boards have already seen them, but just in case I’ll post them here too!

Warning hilarity will ensue!

I spent a lot of time on each of these videos…well some more than others(a few of them had unfortunate spelling errors so go easy on me). I added my own style of humor/comedy to them of course! Enjoy :anjou_happy:

(My three most spectacular SOTC videos:)

Shadow of the Colossus: Wander-ing About the Last Big Secret

Shadow of the Colossus: Walking on Water Glitch

**Shadow of the Colossus: Agro-vation!! (funny)**

(My early SOTC videos:)

**Shadow of the Colossus: Agro Surfing!!**

Shadow of the Colossus:Kill Agro and make t/bridge Disappear

Shadow of the Colossus:Cloth of Desperation Glitch with Agro

Shadow of the Colossus:Agro does back flips Wander is shamed