My own edited version of the Panzer Dragoon Anime on DVD

I recently bought this software for my PC called Pinnacle Studio 8. This software lets me capture video footage from vhs tapes and convert them to DVD. It also lets you edit in text, transitions, and you can add in your own music from a cd in your collection. Now what I want to tell all of you is, I took the Panzer Dragoon Anime vhs tape, captured the movie on my computer using this software, I added in music from both Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Zwie soundtracks (all of which can be downloaded at SegaXtreme , and edited text saying episode 1, where kyle flys over the ruins. Now let me take you into the Panzer Dragoon Anime so you can get a good picture of where I added music to make the Anime even better.

At the start of the movie the Empire can be seen drawing closer to the Tower.
At this seen I added in the (Black Fleet) track from the PDS soundtrack

When you first see Kyle and Alita in the Desert ridding Coolias, no music can be heard.At this scene I added in the theme from Episode 2 from the Panzer Dragoon Zwei Soundtrack(Episode 2-1)

When Kyle, Anita and Dividock are inside the ruin when the Dark Dragon Attacks, I added the track (Separating for a Future Reunion) from the PDS soundtrack

After Dividock dies and Klye emerges form the ruin to find the Sky Ridder and the Blue Dragon, I added the track (Boxship), from the PDS soundtrack

When the Captain recalls his past regarding the tremendous destructive powers of the tower destroying his fleet ,I added the track (Fading Away) form the PDS soundtrack

After the scene mentioned above the Blue Dragon along with Klye, attack the Captains fleet destroying everything,in this scene I added the track (Dragon Spirit) from the PDS soundtrack

When the battle is over and Klye comes across the injured Captain who warns Klye of the woman ridding the Dark Dragon, I added the tarck (Into the Promised Land) from the PDS soundtrack

When Klye pulls Alita out from the Dark Dragoons control, Kyle thinks she is dead and sheds a tear which revives her, he then sets off to for the final battle with the Dark Dragon, in this scene I added the track (Wings) from the PDS soundtrack

When the Tower is activated Klye returns with the Dragon to save Alita,the dragon then puts both of them into an orb taking them to safty, while the Dragon destroys the Tower,in this scene I added the track (Elevator Chase) from the PDS soundtrack

All of the music I added livens up the movie and puts more feeling and excitement into every scene. Without these added music tracks, watching the original just isnt as great.

If you can all recall from the Panzer Dragoon Anime, Klye flys over the ruins from Episode 1 of the Panzer Dragoon game, in this scene I edited in text saying (Episode 1),this makes it feel even more closer to the original game and is a neat effect.

After I was done adding music, and text to the original Panzer Dragoon Anime I Clicked Burn and made a DVD copy of the vhs Anime(My own special edited version) Just wanted to tell you guys how cool it is.

Very cool Legaia Flame :slight_smile:

No matter what people tell me : I need t see this OVA.It might suck but Darky’s in it.My problem is I can’t buy online :frowning:



Well it is PD official material.Plus Darky’s in it

Define “official”

Authorized by the owners of the PD license.

The dark dragon’s rider is woman?

The edited movie sounds good btw, although I haven’t seen the original.

I wish it would get an official DVD release. I can’t stand the shitty dub.

Does anyone know if it’s on DVD in Japan? I might import it if it is.

I have long thought that editing that Video and adding better music would make that thing shine.

  • I would cut the dialog and subtitle it with new words (dub the vocals in fake panzer sounding language)

  • I would cut the lame commander zombie scene.

  • I would cut a lot of the scenes where Kyle is screaming.

  • Cut a lot of the lame girl scenes, only use her as a mute.

  • I would cut all the lame fluff stuff that just isn’t needed.

You actually could make a nice little story. It would probably be only 10 minutes long.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

The dark dragon’s rider is woman?[/quote]


Is she hot?! :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s referring to Alita :slight_smile:

Wow, sounds pretty cool. I haven’t seen the anime yet, though.

It’s okay for 30 minutes, I guess. But trust me, don’t spend more than $8 on it. It’s probably not worth it.

Oh, and BTW, I love your new avatar. Davey Havok rules (I actually have that exact same picture of him on my wall!). Can’t wait for the Blaqk Audio album he’s making with Jade :slight_smile: