My new panzer project (website)

the plan is (ibeen meaning to do this for a long time) to make a panzer dragoon website, based on the enemies, their data, and how to defeat them (in the best way, alternative ways, user suggested, etc)

Firstly directed towards Lance; Solo sent me a rar file of all your Giri Giri save files for PDS, I was wondering if it was ok for me to use these save files to get images of all the enemies to use for my site?
I should be able to get some nice images from it, I remember SK made some cool PDS animated gives using Giri Giri at one time!

Layout and design wise i was thinking of being able to search throgh a list of all enemies (PDS pause menu style) and also by location (Map menu style).

Another point to make, is where there are groups of different enemies (e.g lazara) I would should how to defeat them as a group, and not individually since that is how you will encounter them.

I might as well ask if somethign similar to this has been done already, or if you think its a task not worth trying to complete. Of course any and all support will be welcomed and grateful =)

Also anythings like design sugestions or images to use would be appriciated too. I just hope all goes well and my project doesn’t get broken down =S.

So… how about it? Good or Bad?

Defnitely a good idea, would come in handy for all those times that I just take out PDS after a hiatus and forget pretty much everything about every enemy.

Absolutely; those save-game files are up for download somewhere on TWotA too, so they’re meant to be freely available. You could probably give me a line of thanks somewhere if they really help in the making of your guide, but that’s all you need do really…

I’m pretty sure there’re no online guides that cover PDS enemies other than the various text walkthroughs that people have done (e.g. mine and Arcie’s that are on GameFAQs and elsewhere, and Stephan Dolby’s that’s up on his site), so anything done in html would be unique.

Incidentally, (and not just to plug my own walkthrough,) I’d say that most of the enemy-fighting tactics you can find in my guide will be either optimal or very close to optimal, so it might be a useful source of info to you if you’re assembling something like this; at least a useful starting point.

you should know how i am by now :wink:

hmmm thanks for that, that said, i don’t think i’ll check any guides and stuff liek that simply for the fact it could affect my tactics and essentially end up copying stuff from people.
So what i will do is probably write up all the tactics first, and when its all done compare it to others =)

I’ll get started sometime this week, thanks :anjou_happy:

I don’t know if you thought about it, but if you want to go the full-graphic way, you could capture an image of the 360 view of the areas around the enemy (the one that shows the red, green and colorless zones in the bottom of the HUD), and put it for every enemy along with a marker as to were are the possible WEAK spots among thoses zones.

Sounds like an excellent idea! It’d be a nice refresher to be able to go check up on all the enemies - I haven’t played PDS since my Saturn conked out :anjou_sad:

Sounds cool Scott. To make the guide even more distinctive you could possibly base the tactics on never using consumable items, in combat at least. But that’s just the way I like to play to keep things a little more interesting.

Someone made a site that had the ememy pictures on it- I forgot the web address …

was it ?


ha ha no…

They were screengrabbed off a TV, so they weren’t nearly as clear as PC emulated grabs … there are also no creatures, just miltary …


cool thanks, Solo also showed me that page.
tis the site of Atrius i think, but yeah - something kinda like that

EDIT: giri giri working =)

I don’t know if you were maybe talking about my PDS website. Iv’e updated the enemy data pictures, so they are now high quality and not taken from my TV anymore. I’m also almost done with my PDS guide that also has all enemy strategies. Here are the links.

Here are the enemy lists

Here is my PDS guide in its current state

Also here is the current state of my new PDS site called Panzer dragoon Saga Oasis:

Although, I may have to change my web host again, because I’m not able to upload files any longer through FTP, it keeps saying “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it”. Does anyone know what this means? Iv’e gone through help topics, and don’t think there’s anything wrong with my computer. My host ( is most likely having a problem. But, oh well, I’ll see what happens. While you’re checking out my PDS site, be sure to go to Juba’s Corner, it’s completely reworked and redone. I made it so you get to actually experience the side affects from his illuminated drinks! Try it out and tell me what you think of it.

you could have just said that you had all the lists… instead of spamming links to multiple parts of your site. :anjou_sigh:

anyways i’m gradually doing it bit by bit, i’ll upload little bits of it at a time and then you can all critisise it =)

OH YEAH i need a site name
ummm any idea?

The Emperor’s Quarters? Imperial Academy? The Bible of Zoah (or whatever the city was)? Anything like that I guess… Sestren? Memory Cell #343874834 (lol)? :anjou_embarassed:

If the guide’s focused around enemies and battle tactics, I’d say go with something like an Imperial Academy or Hunter theme: they’re the two groups in the storyline that seem to be most knowledgeable on combat, monsters etc.

The Seekers Library?