My new book on Sega, featuring plenty of Panzer Dragoon love

Just thought Id share some pics from my book I’ve just completed and published on Amazon. There’s plenty of love for the Panzer Dragoon series inside including game and soundtrack scans and pieces of my own artwork!


I might have to get this book. The only Sega things that ever interested me are Panzer Dragoon and Skies of Arcadia, but I love Panzer Dragoon so, so much.

I think you should get it, but I’m biased!

There are two versions available on Amazon, but the main premium print version is currently on sale. Search ‘my life with sega growing up as a Sega fan’ or ‘pete gibbins’ and one or both should pop up.
There’s also a section on Skies of Arcadia :wink:

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I have ordered it! It should be here on September 2.

Excellent, thank you so much! I hope you like it!

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Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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Mine came back today. Enjoying it so far, I too gave so much of my life and time (and money) to SEGA.

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Thank you again for checking it out! And for the photos. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

I like it because I can relate to so much of it I gave my life to SEGA from 1986 when I felt in love with the corp and then in 1997 I had my Master System for Christmas and SEGA took over my gaming life.

That’s what I was hoping for, that people could relate to at least some of the story and the love for Sega could resonate with others, like yourself.

Like the story of dad playing Bug :). Check out Bug 2 it’s much better just like the 1st game too hard for its own good. Great Fun mind

I do really want to play it… Just need to be able to afford it first!!

Pretty nice to see a piece of gaming history. I don’t particularly feel like games excite me any more and most effort that went to writing good articles such are nowhere to be found now a days in “gaming jornalisim”

Yeah, I’m the same really. I haven’t been invested that much in anything these day. Older games definitely captured the imagination more.

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Abslaoutly! I definitely feel like gaming had more spirit in the older days when I was a kid. For me, gaming peaked around 2007-2008 and after that, the industry became more mainstream with developers making products with less risk and imagination.

It does seem that way. It’s more of a way to squeeze money out of people rather than entertain them.

Amazon can be dick head at times :frowning:

Yeah… They completely screwed me over. I’m looking into alternatives.

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What did Amazon do?