My Life with SEGA reviews the series

Hey all, new member here! Looking forward to posting on the forums. I wanted to share AJ Rosa’s video reviews made for his My Life with SEGA video series which appears on SEGAbits. His Panzer Dragoon video was news’d on your main page, but his Saga review just went up this morning! AJ put a lot of time and effort into these, and the end result is great!

Panzer Dragoon:

Panzer Dragoon Saga:

The Panzer Dragoon Saga review is now on the front page. :slight_smile:

I’d been happily playing for 9+ hours and was doing some backtracking on Disc 3 when after going to save I notice my Save Data wasn’t there, all 3 slots were empty with a notice saying there wasn’t enough space. I eject the disc door, go to memory manager and indeed my save file had vanished, i cleared out some space, plugged in my Action Replay and copied the backup I made last night onto the system and discovered to my horror, the save file was missing 3 hours and was at the final boss of Disc 2.

Wow that’s unfortunate! I always save on both the system memory and my Saturn memory card. Mostly the memory card since the internal battery doesn’t last very long…

At least it’s a good thing that the battle system is fast, fluid, and fun!