My first PANZER DRAGOON SAGA....M.A.L. Custom Console! Photos & Video. (Sega Saturn)

Hello all,

I’m very excited to share with you my Panzer Dragoon Saga themed Sega Saturn!! Pictures don’t do this beauty justice! I got it done by this awesome artist Mark Liptak of M.A.L. Customs. He does phenomenal work! This is my first of many customs to come. :slight_smile: I have pictures attached as well of a youtube video. Hope you guys enjoy it!

If you want to contact Mark and see his other customs feel free to hit him up on FB or join his customs group here M.A.L. Custom Consoles. Here is the youtube video of my saturn here.

Have a great day peeps! :slight_smile:

-Carl (Sir_CJillius)

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Thanks for sharing. It looks like the pictures aren’t attached though…

Hi @Solo_Wing! I tried to upload them, but it gives me a error message “Sorry, new users can not upload images.” Is there another way I can upload the so you guys can display em on the site?..Never mind bro, finally got the rank to do so, Hope you enjoy them. :slight_smile: #Updated

Oh my word… That is amazing! It’s so professionally done it could be an official product.

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Yes! M.A.L. is the best!

That’s pretty bad ass man! I wonder how much you could get for it on Ebay?!

I don’t know man…wouldn’t sale it though. The next I’m going to get commissioned is going to be EPIC. It will be panzer themed as well. I’ll keep the community posted. :slight_smile:

Just watched the video on YouTube… even better in motion than I expected. Nice cameo by a fly, too :anjou_happy:

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It depends on how detailed you want it. Mark works with all budgets. This one was $420. It could have been cheaper if I shipped him my own Saturn. I paid in installments.

Thanks again for the contribution @Sir_CJillius. I’ll aim to get these on the site this week.

(Edit: removed my question about keeping topics open - found a solution).

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@Solo_Wing no problem brother. :slight_smile:

I’ve just added the video and photos to the site.

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Thats @Solo_Wing!