Musashi Samurai Legend

Who here has played/bought SquareEnix latest game, Musashi Samurai Legend? I myself found the game to be very fun with a good dose of action and adventure. It’s one of my favorite action RPG’s. The battle system was fun and enjoyable but the voice acting and story were pretty decent but could have been better. I rate the game 8.5 how about you guys, if you have played the game that is. :anjou_happy:

Well, I guess no one cares for this game. It may not be very popular but its a great game nevertheless. I think you guys should try it out if you like action RPG’s. The game has a nice laid back atmosphere, and the music is really good with a mix of soothing and upbeat fantasy tracks. Also if you liked Threads of Fate/Dew Prism you will definitely enjoy this game. The same music composer from Threads of Fate did the music for this game, so it definitely feels similar and that’s not a bad thing because the TOF music was really good. Now that we have our Brave Fencer Musashi sequel the only thing we need now is an actual Threads of Fate/Dew Prism sequel!

Well, I do like Miyamoto Musashi, but I lack a PS2 to play it on. XD

It was a good game, I guess, but it still stands as just another filler title from SE before they finally decide to give us Final Fantasy XII. We don’t need another Drakengard game for cryin’ out loud!

Yeah Drakengard sucks, its just a Panzer Dragoon/Dynasty Warriors rip off!

We don’t need another Final Fantasy either… :anjou_sigh:

Yeah, that’s the kind of response I’d expect from a member of this community. S-E doesn’t exactly have the best reputation among the members here, nor does the FF brandname. Because of this, I’ll forgive you for being COMPLETELY ignorant on this.

If you had done your homework, you would’ve known that the twelfth installment is quite a radical departure from the previous FFs. The gameplay is completely different, obviously inspired by MMORPGS/KOTOR by how you explore your enviornments and do battle with your opponents. No more “random battle” ATB crap like before. It’s a bit long-winded so you can research it yourself if you’re interested in more detailed descriptions.

If you wish to dismiss this as merely “another Final Fantasy”, go for it, but your missing out on something good. I personally cannot wait for this thing, which is why I’m pissed that inferior titles are getting more attention, like Drakengard sequel I mentioned. Perhaps the game is fated to dwell in developmental limbo for eternity. :anjou_sigh:

Man, people aren’t making games like they used to. I really need Panzer Dragoon Saga 2 right now or I will go insane. I know my dream will probably never become a reality, but I thought I’d rant on about it since I have nothing to play that’s truly good and original right now. :anjou_sigh:

I demand that Sega give the green light for Panzer Dragoon Saga 2 NOW!!! :anjou_angry:

And I think SquareEnix is running out of ideas for their Final Fantasy series. I mean come on, FF12 is just a rip off of Skies of Arcadia. And there better not be any random battles in this latest installment because I’m truly sick of them. :anjou_sad:

I’ve read up some on it but I don’t think that Square Enix can just change out of nowhere and bring out something exciting with a good storyline after so many failures.

Why exactly are you so harsh in defending a game you haven’t played yet anyway? I have the developer and most of the ‘prequels’ they created which kind of justify my current opinion about what to expect from it (which may very well change upon its release, I’m expressing my feelings right NOW from my experience and what I know) but all you have is some information on the game… What game doesn’t sound good/fun in a feature article or in the official information given out though?