Moved to Xbox 720/Kinect V2?

Just a thought, perhaps Crimson Dragon has been delayed so that it can be released as a launch game on the next Xbox and new version of Kinect? Rumour has it that the new system will launch next year with Kinect V2, based on a document that was supposedly leaked from Microsoft: … -2-6382875

I’m just speculating here. It seems like one plausible explanation as to why the game has vanished without a trace.

The more time goes by without any mention of the game, the more this seems like a possibility. But considering that the game was practically finished and ready for release, they could have just launched the game and still have time to make a sequel for a Kinect 2. But on the other hand I don’t really see any other explanation either. Puzzling.

I hope not! I really am not looking forward to buying the next Xbox right away. And Crimson Dragon wouldn’t make much of a launch title seeing how simple the game is. Not that it’s a bad thing…

If we don’t hear anything by the end of the month or beginning of September than that sucks.

They could be adding more to the game over the next year, improving the graphics, getting it to work better with Kinect 2, etc. Hopefully they won’t turn it into a retail game, but if they do it might mean they’re adding more content to the game to justify the price tag.