Motion sensitive PS2 controllers

So, it seems that nowadays, the spare controllers for PS2 consoles are sleek, streamlined and motion sensitive! Such was a pretty big surprise when the original, monstrously proportioned, controller breathed its last and had to be replaced. After testing it out with a couple of games (one of which was DMC, hardly a fabulous choice with those camera angles), I felt somewhat nonplussed by it, and direly out of the loop. It’d probably go great with Panzer games, but unfortunately, there’s the glaring issue of them being for an entirely different console (and as for the PS2 port of PD1, I’m not sure that a Japanese region game would work on an unmodded PAL console).

But back to the original point, I do wonder, has anyone else here used these controllers, and with which kinds of games do you think that they work best?

I have to bump this topic, what in gods name are you talking about?

Care to provide a link to said controllers? :S

All PS3 controllers include limited motion controls, mostly used for tilting and similar stuff, sometimes good (Flower) sometimes not so good (Lair).

Of course Sony is also coming up with the Move, their Wii remote + nunchuck type controler, to compete with Natal and Wii.

But those aren’t out yet, so I think this guy’s just talking about the default PS3 controller. So with that I’ll say no, I don’t think it’s suitable for Panzer. But a device that can point and shoot like the Wii remote and the upcoming PS Move is awesome for such games, as demonstrated by Sin & Punishment 2 and other such shooters on Wii.

He says PS2 controller several times… he is clearly not talking about the Syxaxis or Dual Shock 3…

Unless he is using some kind of subtle sarcasm regarding the design of the PS3 controller I don’t think he is talking about PS3?

A PS2 pad with tilt sensors is news to me, anyway!

Doh. Now I want an answer too :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the late reply, folks (been busy) but they are indeed PS2 controllers.

Here’s a link to some info about the wireless variety: … -9619.html

Re: Chizzles - No sarcasm intended! I’ve never played on a PS3, although it has crossed my mind to pick one up specifically for games like Flower and Flow (it just seems a bit excessive for only two games, though).

So, what’s the point, when no games are made for such features?

Your guess is as good as mine. It’s probably an attempt to bring the dying PS2 up to date with current consoles, in which case it really hasn’t worked at all.

Except it looks like it’s being made by a 3rd party. Probably just trying to cash in on the ignorance of people who aren’t that into gaming who may be picking up a PS2 on the cheap?