More 'vague' indications of a new PD RPG

Remember how I said that the original art director of Panzer Dragoon was signed on by Sega for the much rumored PD RPG and Skies of Arcadia 2? Well, things are starting to look VERY interesting, considering Artoon is currently developing a NEXT GEN RPG:

This may appear odd to all of you, but it’s not - in fact, Sega is working on an RPG in collaboration with Capcom as we speak. Therefore, it would be no surprise if Sega is working with Artoon as well.

In any case, things are looking really good!

I fail to see how this makes you so confident. I don’t see any clues that suggest this might be related to Sega.

(rumor1 + rumor2 = HOPE)

I doubt this has any relevance really mate. Still Artoon and SEGA get on well. SEGA did the music for the 2 BliNX?s games

I posted this in the off-topic forum. . . :anjou_sigh: