More Shining Hopes

To raise and then crush? Biggest thing in series history happening next week, SEGA says.

What’s everyone expecting? The new PSP game seems promising, with its Valkyria Chronicles style mechanics, though who knows about the actual depth, or the story and characters, and that generic anime art style… But this should be something else.

A VC-style SF would be a dream come true.

I just hate having to own different platforms to play games from the same series. It’s why I have missed a few Silent Hill games, although I think that series kind of died after 3.

I really am not interested in anything other than the Shining Force strategy games. I had some fun with Shining in the Darkness and Holy Ark, but the series will always be remembered by me as a top down turn based strategy game. As long as Sega keeps producing these vastly different Shining games, I will continue to be disappointed. I really want more Shining Force games. I thankfully got to play SF3 sc3 recently. Found a copy of the Japanese version online and my old sc2 save worked via SSF with the patched sc3. This only reinforced my love for the originals!

IMO, a Valkyrie Chronicle style Shining Force has a lot of potential. And if it does take off then that could potentially mean seeing 2D remakes of SF3 etc.

So am I definitely keeping an eye on this.

Just to clarify, this announcement seems like it’s going to be for something all new.

The Valkyria Chronicles style game I mentioned is releasing soon, it’s Shining Blade for PSP. The extent to which it’s similar to VC is not clear outside knowing it’s using versions of some systems from it, namely that it’s turn based and you get direct control of each character’s turn. It’s not yet known if it’s fully tactical like VC, VC2, and VC3, or if they’ve adapted the systems to a smaller strategic scope JRPG style game for example.

There’s going to be something revealed about the next Shining game as well when Blade is released apparently (I just brought myself up to speed a bit). I actually like some of the art in this. I’m guessing that it won’t be translated, especially during this terrible economy.

The art looks the same as Shining Tears (same artist it seems) which borders on pornographic (lol).

Well, Tony Taka is the artist so yeah, porn is about right.

You know anything about PSP emulators by any chance?

JCPSP or something was supposed to be good but when I tried it it barely worked. I dunno. I would like one too because my PSP’s screen is borked…

Did you guys see this? Shining Ark for PSP. … rate-ship/

It doesn’t look anything like Shining the Holy Ark.

I’ve completely lost interest tbh.

I really miss games with long story arcs. I know the original Shining Force games were self-contained stories but they were still all connected.