More panzer (japanese) stuff on eBay

not really sure if these have been seen over and over again but hey… better safe than sorry =P

"Panzer Dragoon official Guidebook" … 0070853884

"Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG Official Novel" … 0276460036

Yeah, ego-trip is always selling these, he must have a rather large stockpile of them somewhere. I bought the Orta novel from him and a few hours later he listed another one for sale.

what is the PDS novel about? does it tell what happens during the game?

Pretty much yeah.

The Orta novel is a hardback, it is actually kind of annoying, as you can’t open it to see the nice double-pade illustrations clearly.

I wish I owned the Azel novel but the cost is kind of steep, IMO.

I also want the Orta novel… SOMEDAY!

whats the Novel like? (assuming i don’t read japanese so won’t ever read it)
i mean in terms of book quality, design, artwork?

I will take some pictures of them tomorrow and post them.

The Orta novel has some nice pictures in it, the Azel novels art is all from the game and associated materials, although is quite well presented. There is a border around every page in the Azel novel with the dragon in it.