More Panzer Dragoon fanart!

Here are some fanarts I did of Azel and Mobo! Remembering the ending of PD Orta, and seeing Mobo celebrating (I’m assuming?) the birth of his child inspired this drawing, just the thought of someone as reckless as Mobo having children was funny/cute to me. Azel has always been pretty to me when I had first saw her, and I see her many times sitting down on the ground, so I thought I would give that a try myself, haha! I really love the design of both of these characters, especially Azel. It’s super Unique! ( And lowkey high fashion lol) Hope you all like them!


I recall a few scenes in Panzer Dragoon Saga where Azel was sitting with hands on the ground like this. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but it could be perceived as a child-like position, representing (part of) Azel’s state of mind before developing more independent thought.

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I’ve added them to the site, @LustyLundi. I made some minor edits to make the descriptions and images themselves to make them fit a bit better.