Moebius Artwork question

Did Moebius do all the artwork for every Panzer Dragoon game, or just for Panzer Dragoon?

Also, what happened to the art of Panzer Dragoon?

He wasn’t involved in any Panzer Dragoon game - his artwork has just been stated as an influence.

I think all Moebius actually did was the cover art for PD1. As for what website, remove the /lagi/ bit and you’ll see the host is having problems.

taken from Lance Ways Moebius’ Arzach article:

Moebius’ Involvement with Panzer Dragoon

I’m sure some of you will have noticed that Moebius’ name actually appears in the credits for the first Panzer Dragoon game, under the cryptic heading “Image Illustrations”. What Moebius contributed to the project may not be particularly obvious though, as the only illustrations obviously associated with the game (the ones displayed during the credits sequence itself) are credited to a different artist. During the development of Panzer Dragoon Orta though, two prominent ex-Team Andromeda members – Takashi Iwade and Kentaro Yoshida – were interviewed by Xbox Nation, and they shed light on this small mystery:

Xbox Nation: How did the renowned French artist Moebius fit into the Panzer Dragoon creative process?

Takashi Iwade: Back then the team members were big fans of Moebius, and what actually happened is that Sega developed all of the game’s enemies and bosses, and sent them to Moebius, who had been commissioned to do some illustrative art. He interpreted the designs and the results became the cover art for the Japanese release.

Kentaro Yoshida: As we were such big fans of Moebius, we were surprised with the results because they were not as abstract as we expected. It was very in keeping with the game.

Okay, so he only worked on Panzer Dragoon and contributed two pieces of artwork.

the site is back up- thanks for pointing that out- here is some good background stories on the art style:

these are the two images, btw

I really enjoyed the 3 articles Solo, Geoffrey and Lance did for the Parallels section. It was actually kinda trippy when I read them. I of course noticed the style parallels in Skies of Arcadia when I played it, but to get the details on the other two was vaguely deja vu-ish…

I had no real familiarity with Moebius’ work, but the part in the Heavy Metal movie that basically rips-off/plays-off Arzach has always been a favorite of mine. Although the pterodactyl thing she rides is possibly the only blatant rip, the mute central figure and the relatively sparse dialogue also seems to pay tribute to the source.

Similarly although I had seen Princess Mononoke and Kiki’s Delivery Service more recently I had no connection that Hayao Miyazaki was also the creator of the anime I saw when I was… twelve-ish, as Warriors of the Wind. And I had even seen the Nausicaa reference a couple times before as an inspiration for PD and not even known what it was. It was almost surreal for me to find that out since I was deeply and enduringly impressed with that film and it made too much sense that Panzer Dragoon would also have a profound effect on me.

So I kind of had an existing appreciation for both of those influences without even knowing it. And I actually went and bought the Nausicaa DVD the same day I read those articles, I had not seen it since that one time loooong ago… :anjou_happy:

It’s good to see more appreciation for Hayao Miyazaki’s exquisite work. :anjou_happy:

Me and my friend came up with somthing we like to call:

“The four fathers of fantasy and science-fiction”

Moebius, Hayao Miyazaki, Frank Herbert, and George Lucas.

We classify them as true visionaries and a basis of which all other ideas involving science fiction and fantasy have stem from. Just look at their work and compare it to other things you’ve seen, and you’ll know what I mean.

I’ve had Nausicaa listed as a reference here for a long time …

The pictures up there are very panserish …