Moebius and Panzer Dragoon

Hello everybody ! I’m new here , but i’m a big fan of the Panzer Dragoon series since 5 years…

I’m wondering something about Moebius (aka jean Giraud) , the french comic-strips drawer…I know that he drew 2 illustrations for the first game (including the front cover) , but is it really all ?
I’m wondering if his participation really didn’t go further than that (did he discussed with the staff from Team Andromeda to create the universe of Panzer, etc…).

Thanks for your anwers !

He only drew those illustrations. Because of the team members were big fans of Moebius, Sega sent all of game’s bosses and enemies designs to him and he intepreted them and make some illustrations. He hasn’t any involvement in development process. The original Panzer world was created largely by Manabu Kusunoki