Moebius 1938-2012

Moebius (Jean Giraud), the artist often cited as a key inspiration for Panzer Dragoon (in particular his ‘Arzach’ series) and who was commissioned for the Japanese box art, has passed away aged 73. … ssed-away/

Damn, I always meant to check out his stuff(Arzach in particular), as reading about him in old Sega mags years ago when they covered Panzer fostered an interest with me.

What a shame.

I’ve updated the main page with this news.

Rest In peace and thanks for helping in a small way to shaping my loved and favorite game ever made

R.I.P. :frowning:

I wasn’t very familiar with his work, but I liked some of his art. He was certainly influential. Rest in piece.

He really brought in the psychodelic into the art of comic and popular storytelling.

All of you are a bit familiar with his work, unless you have missed out the great space station design in alien and work in dune etc.
Also he brought us comic artists a huge leap into creative freedom (“heavy metal” comic magazine). When I read as a kid, how he wrote some of his more crazy stories, I was shocked that he simply followed no script (it shows, but also unfolds a lot of his creativity). He was always a subtle but important influence for me and many others, not important if they realise or not…

His life is really interesting, partially terrifing, when he talks of his sect experience and horrortrips in the desert, but definitely worth to check out, there are some worthy documentaries on his life.

Rest in Art, Jean. Rest in the Moebius.


btw great link, some designs I have missed out :smiley:

That’s horrible news! But know that his work will live on.

It’s just too bad that he and Hayao Miyazaki never collaborated on an animated film. Imagine them working together on an Arzach animated series or film. That would have been spectacular… :anjou_sad:

I got a couple of samples of his work at home. I don’t really tend to get sad when someone I don’t know dies, but with Moebius I must say I did.

I’m not a great connoisseur of his field…but I haven’t been drawn to anyone else’s drawings quite in the same way… I don’t enjoy the subject matter of his work that much, but some of the most transporting drawings I’ve seen were his.