Missing snow level... DLC?

thewilloftheancients.com/vid … 13-trailer
thewilloftheancients.com/vid … 12-trailer

In both the E3 2012 and 2013 trailers we see a snow level. However, this level is absent from the final game. My guess is that this level will be released as DLC.

After watching those two trailers I unfortunately noticed something:

Well IMO, the 360 version actually looks superior to the XboxOne version! The camera is pulled back giving the dragon far more space to position itself and roam around the screen. Also, the enemy placement seems to be more balanced; being farther back and coming in smaller groups.

It seems like they were pressed for time, and couldn’t fit the snow level in. Thank you Microsoft for that! I’m sure it would have been in the original 360 release though. Maybe in another reality!

I wonder if there will be a desert level as well, since the Golden Mohawk is from the Desert and Snow Wing is from the mountains. You get to see where all of the other dragons are from.

I anticipate that in the VERY long future, the original 360 version will be leaked. Expect to wait 10 - 20 years though :confused: