Minecraft - Placing blocks while running from Zombies


How come every game ending on -craft is so extremely addictive?
Anyone else putting endless hours in this retro-style 3d-worldbuilder game?

The price for the Alpha version is about 10? and includes all future versions - whatever there may come.


Here are a few places from the world I’m playing in. It’s a singleplayer world because I don’t like to share my sandbox with others, but there is multiplayer as well.

I like the game a lot and don’t regret paying for it, but I got a bit tired of it (I’m not into creating elaborate stuff with just blocks like some people are, I just play it like a survival\exploration\mining game and only build a house that I prettify just a tad to not be too boring) so I’m waiting for the big update at the end of this month to get back into it. It should make the exploration aspect much much better what with having the different climate zones within the same map and all the other new stuff.

Here’s a crappy video of my crappy house. I’ll roll a new world after the update as this came out boring landscape wise, all of it is the same type of terrain you see in the video, there are no real impressive mountains and canyons and interesting shapes like I got in some other worlds.

looks at calendar Soon…

The update is up :slight_smile:

This game is amazing.