Microsoft Registers Phantom Dust Trademark In Europe

[quote]In Europe, Microsoft has registered a new trademark for ?Phantom Dust?. It was filed for very recently ? yesterday, to be specific.

Phantom Dust is a name that may sound familiar to longtime Xbox players. Yukio Futatsugi directed a game using the very same title for the original Xbox about a decade ago, with Microsoft Game Studios handling development.

Thanks to Harima Kenji for the tip.[/quote] … trademark/

Maybe we will finally see a PAL release as a digital download on Xbox One.

If I end up needing to buy an XBone solely for more Phantom Dust I’ll be very cross.

But I’ll do it.

Starting to look more likely that we might see something related to Phantom Dust at E3:

Panzer Dragoon creator announcing new game at E3

Or are we getting a Crimson Dragon sequel? I’d find the latter unlikely, but you never know.

Yeah, I’m skeptical that it is a new Crimson Dragon game so soon. We’ll see soon enough.


I can’t be the only one here who loved the hell out of the original, can I?

Is it a new game or a remake? Didn’t quite pay attention to the announcement.

Trailer didn’t really say, but it featured Edgar and a Freia fighting it out, with a tagline something like ‘The Battle for Reality Begins’. Didn’t catch it word for word, too hyped to pay that much attention.

Actually, here we go

I haven’t played the original, so it’d actually be better for me if it were a remake. Eurogamer states that it’s Phantom Dust, “Remastered with all-new gameplay and graphics.”

It does seem like it is a remaster (why not call it Phantom Dust 2 otherwise?). Which is cool - I never played the original either, and it seems many others didn’t too.

Curiously, there’s a teaser for Halo Wars in the trailer. Not sure what’s that about. Major Nelson confirmed Phantom Dust is a remaster by the way.

Great, I won’t have to hunt down a US Original Xbox to finally play this. Although I no longer have an Xbox One, I imagine I’ll have access to one again in the future.

Maybe Halo Wars is getting remastered next?

Another reason to buy an Xbox One in the future, when it’s finally released here in Japan. Funnily enough, I was looking at gameplay footage of this game the other day. Apparently, the Japanese version of the original Xbox version has full English text, so was considering getting that version, but if a remaster is on the way, perhaps I’ll just hold out until then.

I have a very curious reaction to this, is it some form of apology for the appalling treatment of Crimson Dragon? Right when the Xbox brand is attempting to force the Kinect zeitgeist as a non-negotiable part of the ecosystem, like, right when they need to convince people most, they move a game that was DESIGNED for Kinect to the new machine and DROP KINECT SUPPORT. I’m so looking forward to the future expose on that situation, because I still cannot even wrap my head around the stupidity of how it went down.

Anyway, this is pretty much the most compelling reason I feel for getting a 'bone anytime soon, at the moment, I’d love to see it make some kind of a small splash. Unfortunately ‘everyone’ knows that the Xbox is the “dudebro” shooter platform, which then means that anything which is NOT a “dudebro” shooter can’t be good.

And vicious circles rule… literally.