Metro 2033

So, did anyone here get Metro 2033? I just finished it (on PC). Very polished, no bugs whatsoever encountered (cool, for an Eastern European game). Run great on Very High DX10 settings, without advanced physx enabled. Only had some big fps dips in certain short spots, and mostly outside action gameplay so it didn’t affect the experience. The levels were really large with some room for exploration and the paths felt natural. At times you’d think you were exploring off the beaten path and yet reach the end of the level. Loading was really speedy too.

I think it’s a great game. Extremely atmospheric with great visuals (perhaps not as great as people say, still some weird character models and stuff) and great audio. I read there are two endings so I’ll go back to it after I give it a rest for a while to get the other. It’s right up there with the best single player FPS. Certain elements may not be great (I hated some damage sponge enemy encounters and some scripted sequences) but the game’s more than the sum of its parts in the end. Personally I enjoyed it far more than Bioshock even, though it’s shorter, but also less repetitive. If only STALKER was so polished and technically sound I would have loved it as well (the games are nothing alike other than the similar setting, I’m just saying).

So yeah, it won’t make you feel like a badass or whatever people are into these days, but it’s a cool, action packed, moody story with little explanation but tons of atmosphere. Maybe a rental is best for most gamers given the limited replayability (since it’s so linear) and lack of any multiplayer or whatever people think is a requirement these days.

Here’s the official website for information about the game and here’s a screenshot I took, I love how godrays look in this game, that creature was flapping its wings and affected how the light went through, though that’s best viewed in motion. There’s also a 360 version but I don’t know how it performs, plays, or looks, though it’s getting favorable impressions. The game’s receiving mixed but mostly good reviews, I think anyone who likes some good single player action or is tired of military shooters will enjoy it.

Damn man; all the hollywood videos are closing in my area so I had to finally jump the gun and get a GameFly account.

I’ll let you you know what I think. But first, Red Steel 2 here I come…!!! :anjou_love:

I didn’t know there was another one here with a Wii. Have fun, you’ll love the combat, it’s like Zelda on steroids (circle strafing enemies with a button to get to the sides or behind them, then slashing with your own movements, with some extra gesture moves and finishers). Just don’t waggle in front of you, depending on the sensitivity settings you may find yourself playing semi-realistically, first swinging back to get room for a large and strong attack swing, since some enemies require stronger blows to put down. I loved it, though it wasn’t without issues. Now it’s Lucas Arts’ turn to give us such an experience :wink:

Hey, Al3x I just beat Red Steel 2 and am now beginning to play Metro. Like you said the swordplay was quite satisfying and thrilling. The only thing that I disliked was the repetitive level design, missions, and for some places: very bland graphics. Aside from that the story was just filler for the excellent sword fighting!!

One of the best games on the Wii aside from the Metroid Prime series and Zelda. But, oh God: apply that kind of thrilling swordplay to the next Zelda, and I’ll be in Hyrule Heaven!!

So far, Metro is your typical FPS romp with a slightly more mysterious atmosphere. Something I can’t say for some FPS. Well, I’m not too far yet, but I’d imagine it will pass me by just like any other FPS. I’ll let you know my thoughts when I’m done. :anjou_happy:

It gets better but yes, it’s all about atmosphere really, nothing spectacular or rband new about the mechanis. Though it does have some great twists, which may not be apparent to everyone at first, but I won’t spoil them for you since it’s cooler to figure them out when you get to that point. Pay attention to the information around ya is all I can say.

Glad you liked Red Steel 2, it does have all the flaws mentioned but is awesome.