Metal Slug Wiimote disconnects


I’ve had the game for about a week now, and I’m playing through all the installments & using the standard Wiimote setup - NES pad style (no nunchuck, no tilt)

I’ve got brand new batteries in there, and the other games I own (Wii Sports & Zelda) haven’t given me any control issues …

but with Metal Slug the damn game gives me a Wiimote disconnect error every few minutes.

Has anybody else encountered this issue?

Could a physical object get in the way of the Wiimote / System and block the signal? I thought bluetooth was superly strong in terms of wireless connections?!

I mean, I can just plug a Gamecube controller in and play with that … but I’d rather continue to use my Wii controllers.

So, anybody else have this issue with this or any other Wii games? Any solutions?