Metal Gear Solid V

Extended E3 9 Minute Trailer

Official Teaser Website

This game made E3 for me, there were a few other highlights and assorted bound to be pretty good titles but without this I’d be feeling way more disappointed.

This brought the hype back.

Also, despite being a cross-generation title it’s among the most impressive. Art!

Hopefully it will get on PC (come on, Rising but not this?!) but I’ll have to play anyway.

This game looks impressive. I never played any of the other Metal Gear games which is something I’d like to remedy. Perhaps The Phantom Pain will be a good place to start.

It might be hard to go back to older games after that though.

Personally I guess I’m not much of a series fan, but a fan of certain games.

I enjoyed the first Solid immensely back when it first released and think it holds up. There’s also the GameCube remake which matrixes up the cut scenes and takes elements from the second (far from all of them however, it still plays most like the original so it’s still outdated compared to real sequels) but it’s up to you which to play, I’d go for the original but I haven’t played the remake (it gets some hate but I’m not sure it’s warranted).

I didn’t care much for 2, though its intro parts and many features were amazing as well. I didn’t really dig into any other game until Peace Walker on PSP which was nice. I spent many hours in it but it’s not exactly an epic game, clearly low budget, small scale etc.

Though the two handheld games (Portable Ops wasn’t as good as Peace Walker but it had its moments) did have great ideas I wanted to see expanded upon.

But this looks like it’s everything I wanted the series to evolve into.

Edit: oh yeah there’s a large scale story tying all the games together but they’re basically two consecutive timelines. Roughly, iirc it’s the MGS1, 2, and 4 timeline and the rest where you play as that protagonist’s predecessor at different points of his life. Of course they tend to overlap in certain games, mostly pre-Solid so far.

Even if I didn’t really care for most games in the series (2 I didn’t like the direction of the story, 3 due to certain gameplay choices, etc) I still think mechanically, artistically and in pretty much every way they’re all been way better than things like Splinter Cell.

Looks like Kojima himself has said they basically want to release on PC as well but it’s not a focus right now as they’re doing the console versions. I can wait :slight_smile: