Megapixel games to help develop Front Mission 1st

A slew of new games announced on the latest Nintendo Direct (including Live A Live remake using the apparently the same engine Octopath Travler does, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a Chrono Cross remaster) included a remake of Front Mission, a game originally released on the SNES and then rereleased on the PSX with additional content (as Front Mission 1st, to be again ported to the NDS with even more content under the same title), to be released summer of this year and the second installment of Front Mission released later on (where have we heard this before?)

This plus the announced HotD remake which got delayed to spring of this year seems like the PD2Z remake seem like vaporware.

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Don’t worry, FE recently confirmed that Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake is still in development.