Meet SEGA Toyd' new dog

"Puppies are undeniably cute. Sometimes they are indeed painfully cute. No teeth brushing could remove the sugary syrup of a dog?s puppy-eyed stare. I don?t care how old you are. The loving gaze of a puppy will melt your cold heart.

Sega Toys knows you love puppies. Everyone loves puppies. Except for ninjas. They hate puppies. Starting on August 8th, Sega Toys will be selling their new cute dog robot toy called ?Uchi no Suupa Doggu Sakadachi Rakki? (My Super Stand-up-and-beg Dog Lucky) which doesn?t only sit around looking frighteningly innocent, but answers to a collection of 13 voice commands.

Sega Toys fine-tuned their voice recognition by bringing in 100 kids to submit voice samples which is said to have improved the voice software by a considerable amount. Since we all know, kids aren?t always the clearest speakers. Standing 25 cm tall, the dog robot will answer commands such as ?sit?, ?there, there?, and oddly enough, even can be told to sing.

Sure, this bot is made for children between the ages of 4-8 years old, but frankly, I don?t care. I think most people would love something like this as a gift. Especially my single female friends who are in desperate need of companionship, but just don?t have the money for a pet or the patience for a man. Look for this gadget in August for around $86." … -cavities/